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Monday, June 06, 2016

Bueller? Bueller? 30 years later #goodmovie #RssosSisters #MFRWorg

I find it hard to believe that “Ferris Bueller” is 30!!! years old. In Chicago, celebrations are being held--a tour of sites, a parade, in fact, a Ferris Fest.

I adore this movie because it’s full of fun and it is a John Hughes film, the best writer/director at letting us remember childhood, adults, and fun.  My sister swore we played this film all the time whenever she visited my house. My #2son can recite the whole thing.

If you haven’t watched, here’s a bit: Ferris Bueller is a high school senior and by pretending to be sick, skips a day from school with his girlfriend and best friend Cameron.

Not so bad—right?

Only they appropriate Cameron’s dad’s Ferrari.

Go to a ball game and catch a fly.

Participates in a parade-Twist and Shout!

Elude the oily assistant principal.

Thwart Ferris’ sister who wants to know why him and not her.

Cons their way into a swanky restaurant.

And talk about their lives and future.
Boy, I’d have loved to do those things. Only I was the good girl and never skipped. I was in a parade. LOL.

My favorite scenes:

The shot of the assistant principal’s eyeball through a knothole.

The girl asking the assistant principal if he’d like a gummy bear, warm from her pocket.
And the flying Ferrari


So how do you feel about Ferris? Do you watch it every time it is on?



Angela Adams said...

30 years! I feel old...

vicki batman said...

Hey, Angela! I was surprised, but shouldn't have been. I adore this movie.

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