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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Guest author Trevann Rogers is a Recovering Crochet Addict #crochet #hobbies #paranormalromance #MFRWorg

Recovering Crocheting Addict

The addiction to crocheting started when I was in college.  My advisor started a craft co-op with several students from the English department.  We met weekly to discuss literature, courses,  and to crochet. From that point forward, the intense love of the craft followed me through college and didn't stop when I earned that degree.

My specialty was shawls.  All shapes, colors, and designs.  Years later I learned that some of the other students knew me simply as "The Shawl".  I'm not really sure how I feel about that, but nothing I can do about it now.

I wore them for every occasion and had one to match any outfit I happened to wear.  I gave them as presents.  I sold them.


Then suddenly it was over.  I had minor surgery and one of the side effects was extreme nausea whenever I tried to do needlework (or anything that required close scrutiny.

I've never used this in a book, but now that you have reminded me, I wonder which of my characters would enjoy this hobby…

AFTER MIDNIGHT is the prequel to the urban fantasy romance HOUSE OF THE RISING SON. 

Jewell is pregnant, but guess what? It’s supposed to be impossible for an incubus to impregnate a vampire. While she tries to figure out how to break the unbelievable news to her two lovers, a horror from Jewell’s past slithers into her present, forcing choices no one should have to make. 

Will it be love or death? Happiness or safety? She has until dawn to decide...and it's already After Midnight. 

The choice between staying in on a Saturday night to clean and going to see Cheyenne at his first real gig hadn’t been a complicated decision. He was a world-class rocker who could play the guitar like a fiend and had a voice that made you feel…everything. Or made you horny. And fuck if she didn’t love him. Damn incubus. 

She reached across him and caressed Jewell’s side. Jewell’s eyes opened and she stared expressionless at the ceiling, hyper-alert to danger. It always took a few moments after resurrecting for her to remember where she was and who was with her, but since moving into their new home it seemed to take even longer.

Ria sighed. She’d do anything if it would help Jewell feel safe enough to die each dawn and awaken peacefully. “All is well, Babydoll. It’s just me. Time to rise and twinkle with the stars.”

“Already?” Jewell scrunched her eyes and blinked as if trying to focus them. 
Cheyenne lay his head on the soft swell of Jewell’s belly. “Didn’t we just go to bed?”

Ria kissed his back and licked a slow trail down his spine. “Hours ago. Did we tucker out the poor little sex demon?” 
“Not hardly, dead girl.” 
She grabbed a fistful of his hair and turned him to face her. “That’s undead girl, thank you.” She bit his lower lip and let it drag between her teeth. “Show us what you’ve got left.”
Find AFTER MIDNIGHT at: Amazon

You can find Trevann at:Website

Readers: what is your favorite hobby?


Angela Adams said...

My grandmother and my mom loved to knit and crochet. Sadly, I didn't inherit their talent. My favorite hobby has always been reading a good book.

Trevann said...

Me too. There's nothing like a great book. Thanks for reading!

Trevann said...

Being here is a blast! Thanks Vicki!

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