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Monday, November 28, 2016

Handbag and Book with #author Merry Holly #MFRWorg #Rssos #christmasbook #holidayanthology

Handbag and Book with
Merry Holly!

I love my leather mauve Coach bag that I snagged at one of their outlets. I was having a wonderful time shopping with my niece. As we walked into the store the clerk handed us each a 25% discount coupon on any purchase. Well, I found this bag on the clearance rack with 70% already marked off. And to my delight they took the extra 25% off at the register.

There’s nothing like a good leather purse in my opinion, and I use this all year round. 

Suzette has a firm policy of no dating within the company, but Dirk is impossible to resist. Then she discovers the truth. Has she fallen for a corporate spy? Or has Christmas given them a most delicious, unexpected holiday bonus? 
Several calls later, and contracts for the Welch deal signed, she swirled her chair toward the wall of windows as she took in the skyline. Yep, New York was her city. She had it by the horns. Everything she’d set out to accomplish ten years ago, she had. At thirty-two she was the youngest CEO this company had ever had. Where did she go from here? That was the question. She loved the wheeling and dealing, but she lacked a personal life. Didn’t her masseuse always say she needed balance to appreciate it all? Balance—no one explained what that meant. It was something, she guessed, you had to figure out on your own.  

Christmas was the only time of the year she truly felt alone.  Damn Norman for falling in love before the holidays. How could she envy her go-to companion? She hoped he’d found happiness at last. But darn, couldn’t he have at least waited until after all the holiday parties were over. Though he and Jay had offered to escort her, she’d turned them down. Three’s a crowd and all that. She would miss their commiserations on New Year’s Eve, though, as they shared their loneliness. Lord she hated going stag. Too big for her britches. A woman in a man’s world. The whispers always drifted her way. People never tired of gossip. And her mother—where did she find all those single men to throw at her? 
Find Season of Promises at: Amazon 
Find Merry Holly at: More Than I Wished For

Mauve, Merry? I don't have a handbag in that color! Right now, I want orange. But your brand is a good one.


Marian Lanouette said...

Thank you for hosting me, Vicki. I love this blog and the all the handbags you display.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Marian! It is fun to see what everyone comes up with. Hugs.

Melissa Keir said...

What a beautiful bag! You can't go wrong with the price either! Wow... 75% and then more! A steal deal.

The story sounds amazing. I wish you all the best!

Liese said...

Wow! what a bargain for Coach!

And your story sounds intriguing! Corporate spy!? So cool!


Joanne Guidoccio said...

Love the bag...can't beat that bargain! Best of luck with your novel. :)

Marian Lanouette said...

Thank you, Vicki, Melissa, Liese, and Joanne. I love that bag. And thank you for your wishes. Have a great holiday.

Angela Adams said...

Always great to get a bargain! Best wishes for a happy holiday and a great 2017!

jbiggar said...

I'm with you, you can't go wrong with a good leather handbag :) Congrats on Seasons of Promises!

Gerri Brousseau said...

I agree with you as well. Leather is the way to go. Love the color, and loved your story!

Marian Lanouette said...

Thank you Angela, Happy Holidays to you.
Thanks, Jacquie, and to you on your anthology.
Thanks, Gerri. You know I love this one, between the red one I also got a bargain on and this one it seems to be the only two I use anymore.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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