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Friday, February 17, 2017

#MysteryThrillerWeek w P. J. Lazos author of an #ecothriller #MFRWorg #amjournaling

TODAY’S Mystery Thriller Week
author is  P. J. Lazos,

author of the Eco Thriller "Oil and Water." 
WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO WRITE? I remember writing things down in a journal when I was quite young before journals were even a thing.  I made little cards for my friends and family and wrote notes in them, telling them how much I appreciated what they did or my thoughts on things that concerned them, the world, or whatever I was into at the time (even then, I couldn't keep my opinions to myself).  When I was ten, my mom signed me and a friend up for an oil painting class and I loved it so much that I put writing aside for about thirty years and dabbled in various mediums such as drawing, oils and acrylics, photography, and other things.  When I moved to Central PA in 1994, a friend took me along with her to a writing class. I fell in love with writing all over again and have been at it ever since. 
WHERE DO YOU DO YOUR BEST WRITING? In the morning, when the house is quiet and no one is up, with the exception of me and the cats, I sit at the kitchen table and drink coffee and stare out the window to the woods and farm field beyond.  It's a bit of heaven.  Second best writing spot is on Amtrak. I have a long commute.  
ARE YOU A PLOTTER OR PANTSER? Definitely a pantser (although I think the word should be "pantster" with the extra "t", like prankster).  I start with a general idea, knowing roughly where I'm going and what the resolution will be.  Then I do the research which always changes your ideas because you learn things you didn't know, and then, I follow my characters down whatever paths they wish to take and I see what I've got at the end, fixing all the mistakes in the rewrites. It's so much more fun to let your characters wander than it is to tell them what to do. 

Oil and Water is a "taut, timely, ecological thriller" about oil spills and green technology "that will have you turning the pages faster than blades in a wind farm." 
Marty Tirabi sat on a stool aside his drafting table, an aluminum pie plate in each hand. His eyes were closed, his spine erect, his breathing slow and regular, his conscious mind sitting on the pinnacle of present awareness. At the exact moment Marty’s consciousness shifted, sliding across the threshold from beta to alpha to delta like a single-base hitter stealing home, Marty’s grip slackened, and the pie plates clattered to the floor. He woke with a start and stared, wide-eyed, at the back wall of the barn where It sat, all the while scanning his interior databases for a revelation that refused to be retrieved. 

Marty rubbed his forehead. This was how Thomas Edison had done it, mining the gem-rich ground of his subconscious by bringing himself to the brink of sleep, then pulling back with a start for a third-party observer’s view. The results of Edison’s efforts were the light bulb and one thousand and ninety-two other patented inventions, but Marty’d be damned if he could get Edison’s process to work. 
FIND AUTHOR P. J. Lazos at: Website

FIND "Oil and Water"  AT:  Amazon

P. J., I have never heard of an eco thriller before. What guided you to write one?

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