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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Happy #releaseday! Just You and #boxedset #RLForg

Yipee!!! today is the day!

With great joy I announce the release of the Just You and Me boxed set which features my romantic comedy short story, "Raving Beauty."
I'd written this story long ago and waited for the perfect place to put it and this set is it. Fifteen authors came together. And the set is priced at 99cents.

Here's a fun snippet:
"Hey," Daniel said.
         "Are you drowning in there?"
         "Want your back scrubbed?"
         "Are you a famous, buffed-up action hero?"
         "Then, eat poo and die."
         "I was thinking-"
         "-I'm going to pick up some burgers."
         My stomach growled.
         "I won't be long. Be out soon, or I'm coming in."
         "Ha. We both know you want to see me naked."
         "Been there, done that already today. And by the way-”
         “What now?”
         I heard him move closer to the door, and then he softly said, “The mole on your left hip is worth exploring…with my tongue.”
         I screamed.
Find "Raving Beauty" in the Just You and Me boxed set at: Amazon
Happy reading!!! VB

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