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Monday, June 05, 2017

#Handbag and Book - Pragmatic accessory? #notadesigneraccessory #sexyescapades #RLForg

Handbag and Book with
Adriana Kraft 

Definitely, the opposite of a designer handbag! Pragmatic, for a lot of reasons. For years I carried a large handbag that always contained anything I or a family member might need. When I began to develop shoulder trouble, I started downsizing and figuring out what I could do without. It probably helps that the kids are all grown by now J.
But last fall, we obtained tickets to see a professional golf tournament, and even the small purse I’d moved into wasn’t tiny enough for the PGA regulations: “No opaque bags larger than a small purse 6 x 6 x 4,” which this one exactly fits. Once I took it to the tournament, I discovered I liked it. It manages my wallet, phone, small spiral notepad, pen, pencil, lipstick, a tissue or two, breath mints and a couple other essentials quite comfortably. Plus, with my keys attached to it, I’m less likely to drive off without bringing the purse along!
Where did I get it? I don’t even remember. Do I like the color? Well, it goes with anything I wear (pragmatic again!), so I love that I don’t have to think about it.
All of which has set me wondering – I don’t think of myself as a particularly pragmatic person. I love adventure, and the fiction I co-write with my husband is off-the-charts sexy escapades, not for the faint of heart. So maybe having a few practical items in my daily life sets energy free for the adventures of our life, as well as those we put on the page.
That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!

What could college English professor Caitlin Shanahan ever have in common with the brash carpenter Kurt Davis?  Meghan Keenan, that's what.  The twenty-year-old sprite brings the unlikely pair together through sharing her sexual delights with each of them. 
Peering through shuttered eyelashes, Meg Keenan nearly purred. She’d seen the tall figure of Cat Shanahan leave the curtained window. Apparently the lanky redhead had no idea the sun struck the window in a way that showed her slim form off to nice advantage.
Meg snickered. Why else would she choose this particular time of day to come out onto the sundeck? Because the sun shining on the window exposed Cat to her view almost as much as she was exposed to Cat’s.
At least she had the woman’s attention. Meg closed her eyelids and exhaled slowly. Soon she’d have Cat’s body.
Stretching languidly, Meg smiled and sat up. Her plan was proceeding quite nicely. Kurt had been pissed she’d rented the professor’s upstairs apartment. Though Meg was quite comfortable being a townie, Kurt carried a chip on his shoulder about town-gown tensions. Was that part of why he’d never gone to college in spite of doing so well in high school? Instead, he and Jack Mobly had established a construction company. At twenty-four, Kurt had a certain amount of control over his life that Meg envied. He didn’t seem to care that there was a world outside Burntside, Wisconsin.
She, on the other hand, needed to see beyond the horizon. She hadn’t found her ticket out just yet, but she knew she’d find a way. Fortunately, they both knew that. Meg was ready to leave Burntside, and she wanted Kurt to have something he didn’t even know he wanted. She wanted him to have Professor Caitlin Shanahan.

Find Seducing Cat at: Amazon
Find Adriana at: Website


Angela Adams said...

I, too, am one of those people who carries everything in my handbag. I probably should carry a backpack rather than a handbag (smile!).

Adriana said...

Thanks for hosting me, Vicki! And Angela, confession time - I do have a shoulder bag that sometimes comes along with me in the car...

Crystal Benedict said...

I have a little purse just a little bigger. I love it, it carries everything I need when I go somewhere. But then there is the bigger bag that I take with in the car that has everything else I may need when I go somewhere.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer of sexy and funny fiction, blogger at Handbags, Books...Whatever said...

Hi, girls! Welcome, Adriana! So glad Crystal introduced you to HBW. I have two backpacks I adore: a Longchamps and a Boy Scout one. I like the scout one because I can fit a small handbag in it and lots of other things when traveling.

Joanne Guidoccio said...

Hi Adriana, I've been thinking of downsizing my "monster" bag for some time. Thanks for inspiring me with your story. :)

Pat Marinelli said...

I had a purse similar to this when my kids were little. My keys fit on the outside. I literally wore it out. I miss it so much. It carried everything I needed in the three tiny compartments: money, checkbook, credit cards, ID, etc. Thanks for bringing back the memory.

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