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Monday, July 24, 2017

Handbag and Book with #author Linda Tillis #accessories #fashion #RLFBlog

 Handbag and Book
with Linda Tillis

I am not a handbag person, but I can see the need. I’ve known women (my mother for one) who can produce, in a moment’s notice, anything you could possibly need; and all from the depths of an average sized purse.
But what about Victorian or Regency ladies? What would they need to carry in their reticules when they left home?  Let’s see…a handkerchief, pair of gloves, folding fan, a small derringer, coins (if shopping), and the list goes on.
I spent so much time pondering reticules, that I decided to make one to give away to one of my awesome readers. Just leave me a comment telling me Edith Hampton’s profession. She played an important part in both A Heart Made For Love and A Man With A Pure Heart.  I will draw the winning name from the comments at 9pm EST today. Please leave me your e-mail address as well, so I can mail the winner this decorative bag.
When the one you love is in danger, there is a fine line between right and wrong.
“Are you really a lawman?”   
“Yes’m, I am a sworn deputy with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. My name is Samuel Hinton, and I’m thinkin’ you have a story you’d like to tell me. Is that right?” Samuel took the cup of coffee Granny handed him and settled back to listen.
A half hour later, Iris ran out of steam. Samuel had listened carefully, but quietly, while she related how she came to be here with Granny Pearl. Samuel stretched his long legs out, set the now empty coffee cup on the table, and reached into his pocket for the folded paper and the pouch of Perique.
“Ma’am, I’m gonna ask you a few questions now. You just answer the best you can. Is the man about my size?”
Iris nodded yes. “But bigger, you know, broader.”
Samuel nodded. “All right. Does he have a scar on his right upper arm?”
Iris’s eyes opened wide as she nodded, “Yes. I always believed it looked like a bullet wound.”
“Well, ma’am, you thought right. Now, did he smoke a pipe, and did it smell sorta like this?”
Samuel stretched out an arm with the pouch of Perique.The woman recoiled when the pouch got close enough for her to catch the scent.Samuel could see the same fear on her face he had seen on Emma’s.He slowly unfolded the wrinkled flyer, and turned it around for Iris to see.The blood quickly drained from her face, leaving her pale and shaking.That was all the answer he needed.

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Angela Adams said...

That handbag looks like an item you would find in a museum. Thanks for the post, Linda!

Linda Tillis said...

Thanks, Angela, I had this lovely piece of fabric that screamed at me every time I touched it. So I decided to give it a life of its own!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer of sexy and funny fiction, blogger at Handbags, Books...Whatever said...

Hi, Linda! It is a beauty of a bag! Giving it life was a great idea. Congratulations on your book, too.

Linda Tillis said...

Thanks Vicki! The book was even more fun to create than the bag!

Melissa Keir said...

What a beautiful bag. I can't believe how much women could carry in such a small bag but we always find a way to bring everything we need! All the best with your book!

Linda Tillis said...

Thanks, Melissa.

Crystal Benedict said...


Linda Tillis said...

Thank you, Crystal.

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