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Monday, July 10, 2017

How many weeks til Christmas? #holidaybook #RLFblog #handbag

Handbag and Book with
Loretta Wheeler

Le Handbag
The handbag I’ve chosen to post isn’t necessarily my favorite, but it is the one I most often select when running out the door. Why? Because it can be carried on the arm or the shoulder and the color is a brushed metallic gold. I like to keep a copper, bronze or gold purse readily available because they go with anything. And unlike beige, (another favorite color), they add a little “pop” to your outfit.

I picked this Fossil bag up at Steinmart when they were having a sale on their name brand bags, and I can say I’ve drug it everywhere. Of course you know that means the hand sanitizer gets a frequent workout too. I’m going to rub the bling right off the bottom of that bag before long!

This winter, Savanna Burke has found the Galveston winds are bringing change, for her, and for Terence Whittaker, the island’s well-known clairvoyant. 
Come visit Galveston Island with Savanna during Christmas and find the magical wonder of dreams coming true in Christmas on the Strand.

Savanna was only half-listening to the couple in front of her and Roth. She was trying to find a polite way to excuse herself. She wanted to find Terence before the ladies dressed in red took the floor. She definitely didn’t want to dance with anyone but him when the song played.
An unnerving feeling washed across her and a slow tingle slid its way down her spine. She felt as though someone was watching her—intently. Slowly turning around, Savanna felt as though she was being pulled by a magnet, everything inside her quivering in response.
When she faced the opposite direction, she breathed out a soft laugh and her lips parted in the beginning of a smile.
Terence was walking toward her, smiling at her in return. His smile broadened and he did a little Samba move at her.
Savanna laughed, loving that he wanted to play, tease her. She stepped forward, her hips swaying, matching Terence’s moves.
Terence held out his hand as he reached her, capturing hers in his own. Slowly, he raised her hand to his lips, kissing the backside, then turning it over, he kissed the inside of her palm, his mouth lingering.
Savanna’s heart raced, and her breath caught in her throat. Terence drew her close, his body molding against hers, the Samba moves slowing. Whispering against the shell of her ear, his breath teased at her. “Savanna, I presume?”
She nodded. Her breath so tight she couldn’t speak.
“Then, may I have the next dance, when the pale white circling the floor gives way to the passion of red?”
Savanna leaned back and looked up at him. Where on the face of God’s earth had this man come from? What man spoke this way and looked like Gable? This only happened in the movies. And Gable, only happened once in a lifetime.
Terence lowered his arm to her waist, his fingers resting at the base of her spine, stroking her in a light up and down movement. He brushed his lips across hers and murmured in between the caress of his mouth. “Follow me...we’re going to the center of the ballroom to dance. We’re going to give the photographer his heart’s desire, something that’ll light up tomorrow morning’s papers.”  

Find Christmas on the Strand at: booksite
Find Loretta Wheeler at: website
I have to admit, Loretta, I don't have a metallic handbag, except for a gold evening one my mom gave me. Readers: what's your favorite color of handbag?


Angela Adams said...

When I saw the title of this post, I thought you were going to write about Hallmark Movies & Mysteries showing Christmas movies this week (smile!).

Loretta said...

Mornin' Vicki! I just glanced at Angela's comment and thought, well, we're darn near doin' that Hallmark thing, aren't we?

Christmas on the Strand is the beginning of my Southern Breezes series, all set in Galveston.

Savanna Burke has met Terence Whittaker on-line, and decides to move a little out of character and join him for the Christmas Ball, with both of them masked, seeing if they can find each other.

She's just a tad nervous, because not only is this the first date since her husband's death, but Terence is Galveston's well-known psychic. What's a gal to do with that? How much is a psychic able to see? Savanna's never known one before. But she's intrigued, enough to meet him...as long as the meeting's in public.

Christmas on the Strand brings you the love and warmth of Christmas, the thrill of a beginning romance, the delight of a wintry Christmas down Galveston way, an introduction to Charmin', the town dog, and the mystery that winds its way through all the Southern Breezes series...a ghost. One that's dressed in roaring twenties attire.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer of sexy and funny fiction, blogger at Handbags, Books...Whatever said...

Good morning, Angela and Loretta! I saw on FB not long ago that Christmas is six months away. I'm like "oh my! Time to get ready!" Seriously, not decorate the house or stuff like that, but begin looking for special gifts or making them. Lovely to have you, Loretta!

Anonymous said...

I usually have a metallic handbag I carry too! They do add a certain bling to the get-up. I've recently changed to a large leather tote from Banana Republic that I've wagged around for 10 years. The thing never gives out just has a delicious patina from being abused.

The Southern Breezes series is delightful and a fun read, but I did miss the kick off! I'm off for a good Christmas story right now!

Loretta said...

Thank you for having me, Vicki :) And like you, I have my eye on the calendar AND on the retail sales. Even though I'm mainly a pantser in my writing, I'm a planner when it comes to Christmas! :)

Thankfully, I have a few friends who are avid readers, so gifting books to them is a fun thing to do. I know their taste well, so I never have to worry about not getting it right.


Melissa Keir said...

I love black handbags. They go with everything (okay I wear a lot of black) but recently I purchased second hand a dark chocolate one. I love it although since I've cut back on what goes inside my bag, I'm finding it a little big. Oh well. :)

Loved the excerpt! Gable is one of my favorite movie heroes.

Loretta said...

Hello, Stacey :) It's great seeing you here. And, I'm sure I'd love the Banana Republic purse you wag around. Those type of bags, the well worn, though always stylish bags, are some of my favorites. My Fossil is showing the wear too, but it still dangles from shoulder most often.

I'm delighted you're going to start at the beginning of the Southern Breezes series since you've already visited The Verandah, which is in the middle. You'll catch a glimpse of the others you've already met, plus get a gander at Terence Whittaker from the opening. He's a neat guy. I wouldn't mind living across the street from him. Lordy at the stories I could weave with him if he was real :) He does a pretty good job of bringing me tales anyway, though.

Thanks so much for stopping by! :) Lo

Loretta said...

Hi, Melissa! It's great to see you here :) And you're absolutely right, what's not to love about black handbags? They're just as delightful as the "little black dress"! Always there and always correct for any occasion. I'm tempted by the deep chocolates, also. I guess you can see from reading this, I'm tempted by everything lol :) That's why my closet's full. My hubby darn near faints if I come in with a new one.

I'm glad you like Gable as much as I do...the guy just had that "It" factor, didn't he? Just the right balance of macho and sensitivity.

Thank you so much for stopping by :) Lo

Cynthia Sample said...

I was staring at my shelves of colorful purses the other day and trying to decide what to do with them all. Maybe I'll ship some to you, Lo. It seems like too much work to move things out of one purse and into another and when I do, I always leave something important behind. I like a purse with lots of pockets (and room for bookmarks)! Loved CHRISTMAS ON THE STRAND!

Loretta said...

Aha! Ship away, Cynthia! I'll sedate my hubby! (And probably have to buy a new house with a larger closet!lol) I do know what you mean about transferring all my stuff from one purse to another. It does get frustrating and sometimes throws the odds in favor of the gold bag yet one more time :)

Thank you for mentioning your love of Christmas on the Strand :) I'm glad you enjoyed it... The Verandah is right on its heels in case you want to return to Galveston with all the people :) And, Charmin' the dog, of course :) And then there's Terence... ;)

Thanks for dropping in, gal :) Lo

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi Lo,

My handbags are pretty conservative, but it's a great idea to carry colorful ones. I was thinking of the Hallmark Christmas in July films myself. Long ago I said that the ways things are going these days, people will start their Christmas shopping in July. Anyway, I love your writing and intend to read more of your books.

Liese said...

I tend to carry one bag until the handle falls off. So, I try and keep the color pretty neutral (like beige). For Christmas my husband gave me one with a rather abstract design of tulips (? they are abstracts) on stems. Very colorful. I do have to admit I've gotten a few comments about how pretty it is.

Thanks for sharing!


Loretta said...

Hey, Jacqueline, nice to see you :) Feels like we just met somewhere else this morning, doesn't it? :) And yes, I think with all the cyber deals etc. people do start early. Why not buy while it's on sale? :) Plus, sometimes you need a little Christmas, right this very minute, don't you? :)

Thanks for sharing that you enjoy my writing. You know the feeling's mutual, Sugar :)


Loretta said...

Hi, Liese :) I have several friends who carry their bags daily. Most, like you, buy a good basic color so they're always "good to go" :) I can certainly understand that. If it works, leave it alone! :) I have to say my curiosity is piqued about your abstract tulip designed one, though...I think you need to make a date with Vicki and post us a picture! :)

Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment :) Lo

Ruth said...

Hey ZuZu,
Good to see you here. Currently my favorite handbag is a Betsy Johnson, large tote, black with white polk a dots and a giant gold metallic bow. It was a gift from my husband, but picked out by my 90 yr old mother in law. I currently on the search for a new bag for Nationals- I will use any excuse to buy shoes and handbags.

Loretta said...

Well, shut my mouth and call me ZuZu! :) Lord, it's been awhile :) Love the nickname I earned at conference :) I have to say, I also love the description of that Betsy Johnson bag :) Polk a dots are so much FUN! And everyone knows girls wanna have fun! :)

You'll have to show me what you buy for Nationals...who knows, I may be tempted to buy something in the same line! :)

Thanks for stopping by Ruth, AND for sharing your "over-the-top" bag :) Lo

Vicki Batman, sassy writer of sexy and funny fiction, blogger at Handbags, Books...Whatever said...

I'll take Ruth's bag. I love polka dots!!!

Loretta said...

Oh, phoo, Vicki! I was going to ask to borrow it! :) Just shows ya, put the gals in a room with some hotsy totsy stuff and there's gonna be a lot of oohin' and aahin'! Lo

Anna Lores said...

I usually wear some kind of black so I love a purse that pops. I don't have any metallic ones, but I'm now considering it. My go-to purse is a deep pink tote. Like shoes, you can never have too many purses :)

I read Christmas on the Strand and I loved it!!


Loretta said...

Hi, Anna :) I so agree with you, one can never have too many purses. Again, I may have to sedate my hubby. And how serendipitous, pink is one of my favorite colors so I'm sure I'd covet your pink tote as much as Ruth's Poka-dots!

Thank you for sharing that you've read Christmas on the Strand and fell in love :) I'm a bit partial to it myself! ;)


Joan Reeves said...

Hey, Loretta. Nice post. I have a metallic gold cross-the-body handbag that I've literally worn out. The gold has rubbed off the corners, but the bag is the perfect size. I hate to throw it away! Also bought it at SteinMart. *g*

Loretta said...

Hi, Joan! Soooo good to see you, woman! And why am I not surprised you have a metallic gold bag? Of course you do. And of course, it's showing wear, because it's such a go-to thing, isn't it? I nearly always pop on gold earrings, too, because like the gold bag, they add pop and I read somewhere that placing gold or copper near the face highlights and draws the eye there :) Who knows if it's true or not, but then I think I still hold hope that Santa Claus is "somewhere" out there, livin' large! (pun time)

Thanks for stopping in, you know I appreciate it :)


Loretta said...

Vicki, thank you so much for inviting me to your gorgeous page :) It's lovely over here...and just look at all those gals' purses! :) I feel a shopping spree comin' on! :) Lo

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