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Handbag and Book with Caris Roane #accessories #fashion #paranormalromance

Handbag and Book with
Caris Roane
I keep trying out purses, trying to find the right one. I’ve gotten very close with this version. It’s not too big. Not too small. It has an open area in the main part of the purse, as in no dividers. I like that a lot. It has one zipper pocket on the inside, one large one on the outside as well as a smaller zipper pocket. In addition, it has a small, exterior flap pocket that has a magnetic closure. The strap is adjustable.

Initially, I was hunting on Amazon and found the black version of this purse first. But when I saw the pink-and-green floral version, I had to have it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really go with any of my clothes, lol. So, I ended up using the black purse and pretty much wore it to death. So, I switched to this more colorful version. Though it isn’t wardrobe friendly, guess what? I use it anyway because it makes me smile.

The Graveyard was not the place Mark Braden thought he’d breathe his last. He was sure he’d die in the pine forest of Savage Territory, chasing a drug-runner and getting hit by a spray of bullets.

Instead, he’d been ambushed…

Braden should have died in the Graveyard, but the witch, Maeve, saved him. The call of his wolf is on him and he wants her. She can be his alpha-mate. But she has powers that can destroy him and a disrupted memory that holds the answers to his wife’s murder. Can he ever trust a woman who can kill with the power she streams from her bare hands?


The powerful wolf, Braden, has just awakened from a coma...

        He turned to look at Maeve again. Because she sat so close, just on the edge of the bed, he could see her clearly. Her light blue eyes always got to him. They carried an internal light that made him trust her when he knew he shouldn’t.

       She was so beautiful. Her lips were full. Kissable. He recalled some of his more inventive fantasies about her and his body warmed to the thought. Over the past couple of weeks, he’d toyed with the idea of asking her on a date.

       As he looked at her, a sudden lightning-like sensation began in his head and traveled the length of his body. Without warning, everything he was as an alpha male wolf came alive. He could feel a light layer of fur rise on the backs of his hands and the back of his neck and on his cheeks. Desire for her sharpened.

       Something had changed with her and his alpha wolf loved it.

       Much to his shock, realization struck: Maeve had alpha-female capacity. If he’d needed confirmation, her next move confirmed the truth. She parted her lips, lifted her chin and when she flared her nostrils, he knew she was scenting him, though not like a witch at all. In this moment, she looked wolf.

       She seemed startled. “What am I smelling, Braden? What is that? It has a sharp edge, but it’s like a kind of vanilla I use called Madagascar. Why are you releasing a vanilla scent?”

       The fogginess in his head dissipated completely. “You’re smelling my wolf, Maeve.” When had this happened? How had he not seen it, sensed it, or smelled her potential before now?

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I love the pink and green floral, Caris!




Angela Adams said...

Great purse for taking a stroll on a pleasant Summer Sunday!

Karen M said...

I like the handbag. I think it is very appropriate for Spring and Summer. It doesn't matter to me if something matches for everyday wear/use. I like an eclectic look

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

I say if you're happy with the bag, yeah!!! I don't match bags to shoes though

Liese said...

Thanks for sharing!
Interesting excerpt and pretty bag!

Caris said...

Hi, Everyone!
First, thanks, Vicki, for having me on your blog. This was a lot of fun to talk about my purse.

We love our purses don't we?!? This one does seem to work well for me. It's big enough that I can tuck a small bottle of water inside -- an important component for desert living -- but not so big that I feel like I'm carrying around a bowling ball, lol!

While you're here, check out everything else Vicki has got going on. Then be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a PNR bracelet!


Reviews By Crystal said...

I love it!
I don't do the whole match thing either. If I like it and it brings me joy then woo hoo!

bn100 said...

cute bag

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Carol L. said...

Love the green and pink floral I like smaller bags. For years I carried large bags while my kids were small. Now I carry the small ones. I love this
excerpt. It's a great tour. Thank you for