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Thursday, September 14, 2017

A New Life Adventure for a Friend #sayinggoodbye #moving #yoga

Many years ago, I drove past a rec center and on the sign near the street was a notice about yoga classes. I was intrigued, but did nothing about it. Mostly because I didn't know if I wanted to add something else to my schedule.

I talked with a good girlfriend and she said she had been interested in trying; so we decided to give it a go. After about a year in, we felt fairly competent in what we were doing. The class became known and one teacher brought a student studying to become a teacher to our class to practice on us.

Soon this young man achieved his goal and started subbing. When the rec center closed for renovations, the program opened at another location, and my friend and I moved there with our new teacher. We loved his sarcasm and wit. He's also an excellent actor and singer. A good friend.

Now, our friend is moving far away and I'm sad, but thank goodness for Facebook so we can stay connected. He is going to have a new life adventure and that is very good indeed.

From the bottom of my heart, your favorite student says good luck and

BTW, legs up the wall - best pose ever.

Coming September 16-October 6:



Angela Adams said...

Concentrate on the pleasant memories (smile!).

Sylvia said...

I'm leaving my yoga class in February and I'm so sad. I love this group of older women trying to stay healthy. And my teacher is just fabulous, but hopefully I'll find another one that I love just as much.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer of sexy and funny fiction, blogger at Handbags, Books...Whatever said...

Hi, Angela! You are so right. Loved having class with my friend.

Hi, Sylvia! You'll find a class. Yoga exercises the body like nothing else.

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