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Monday, July 09, 2018

Author Chris Redding on Handbag and Book - When a Handbag is a Backpack #bargainshopping #fantasyromance #MFRWorg

My handbag is a small backpack. I was at a rabbit show in Ocean County New Jersey and it was in the silent auction. 

Purple is my favorite color and I love backpack purses. I bid on it and won which means I paid $5 for it and that was ten years ago. It does not have a tag on it so when it is time to replace it I can’t even buy another one. But I am on the search for something just like it.

Destiny of a Gargoyle is the first in a trilogy of novellas about three brothers who are cursed until they find the fairy they are destined to protect. That doesn’t happen until modern day and of course and by then the fairy has no idea that she is a fairy.

“Speaking of figurines,” Colleen said. “Show us this gargoyle.”

Meg’s eyes twinkled. “Let me get it.”

She headed into the bedroom while Meg and Colleen caught up on the news of the day. Meg looked at her nightstand. The gargoyle wasn’t there. She’d been so busy this morning and when she arrived home that she hadn’t notice. Odd. She searched under the bed.

“Something wrong?” Colleen said from the doorway.

Fiona stood beside her.

“I can’t find the gargoyle.”

Fiona waltzed into the room as she took control. “How big was it? Did you put it in your drawer?”

 “Too big for the drawer,” Meg said as she stared at where it had been sitting.

Something niggled at her memory. Something she’d dreamt about last night.

Fiona looked under the bed. Colleen peered into the bathroom.

“You have the strangest look on your face,” Fiona said when she straightened.

“I had this odd dream. I thought someone was in my bedroom,” Meg said

She hadn’t been afraid. Instead she had a sense the person was there to protect her. From what she had no idea.

“And they stole the gargoyle?” Colleen said.

She let out a little laugh. Meg knew it sounded odd, but it was just as weird that her statue was gone. “I kind of liked that thing.”

Find Destiny of a Gargoyle at: http://a.co/ejDIF2E

Find Chris Redding at: www.chrisreddingauthor.com
Hi, Chris, and thank you for sharing on Handbag & Book today. I have two favorite backpacks-a vintage Boy Scout one and a small Longchamps. Very handy!


Chris Redding said...

Thanks for hosting me today.

Angela Adams said...

Chris, I think you bag would make a great backpack for a student. Best wishes with your book!

Anonymous said...

Can you ask Chris why they steal their cover art from other artists and if the backpack is where they carry the book they plan to lift covers from?

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