Thursday, January 14, 2021

Handbag and Book: Let's Sing, Dance, and Shout from the Rooftops #announcement #newbook #cozymystery #romanticcomedy

 You know how you want something really, really bad? 

I wanted to write a book when I was younger. I even told Handsome I really wanted to write like Dick Francis. 

But I couldn't.

I lacked courage. I lacked knowledge. I lacked confidence. I lacked the ability to take criticism.

And I knew it. I probably needed more time to grow as a person. I was a new mom back then and had my hands full with making ends meet and caring for a toddler. I was also pretty happy with my creative outlets. 

So time passed. A lot of time passed. When a friend challenged me, this time I took the challenge and started with eight chapters. I also wrote and wrote.

 I found writing peeps and began learning more about the industry and the craft. I learned how to write short stories and MANY were published. Finally, I returned to my book and took the criticism. I finally in a contest. I subbed to agents and editors. And worked and worked. 

Then I did a random pitched to The Wild Rose Press and was asked to sub chapters. 

What happened? They liked me. They published Temporarily Employed, then Temporarily Insane, 

and on February 22, Temporarily out of Luck. 

This writing journey of mine has been difficult and glorious. I have tons of friends to thank,. family, BFFs, a very nice publisher-TWRP. an editor. 

So celebrate me in the upcoming months! as I spread the word about my fun book. I might even buy a handbag!! 

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