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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Vicki Batman: The 4th is about birthdays!!

The 4th is about birthdays!!

God Bless America
I love living here. I am incredibly lucky to have my family and friends.

But today isn't just the U.S.'s big day. It's…

Happy Birthday, Scooter!
My kitty is twenty years old. I've never had a cat this long. When we were visiting Handsome's family one 4th of July, two little girls showed up with their mama. Instantly, they were scooped up by my boys pleading "please, mom, please" because we'd just lost our big guy, Snuffer. I was torn. It seemed so soon because I still missed him.

But who can say no to little boys with kitties in their arms? Not this mom who loves cats too.

We brought the girls home, stuck in one cat carrier, hissing every time we put our hands inside. After two days of TLC, I opened the carrier door and no sounds. I lifted them out and got...purring. VBG

Two years ago, we had to put our gray sister, Romper, to sleep. It was so hard, and we still remember how she pushed her way around. Climbed on cat haters. Dragged my needlepoint thread around in the middle of the night. Captured dozens of lizards and birds. She loved her guys, especially Handsome.

Every day is cherished with Scootie. She sits on my desk and knocks stuff off. Walks in front of my monitor, sleeps in my chair or with #2 Son. Screams loudly. Her scrunched up fussy face. And sadly, no more purrs. She's quite loveable.
Happy birthday, my sweet! 



Beckey said...

Happy Birthday Scooter :)


Hi, Becky! On behalf of Scootsie, she says purr. Thanks for celebrating too.

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