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Monday, July 08, 2013

Vicki Batman asks: What's in Your Closet? #HandbagMonday

+ Handbag Monday +


I confess: I love to find handbags on eBay and ETSY. They are a good value and quite unique.

I'd just had some really great news on the writing front and decided to celebrate. Only I don't celebrate over a drink. Oh no, I go straight to eBay and search through my favorite bag sites: needlepoint handbags, Margaret Smith handbag, Enid Collins.

On the Enid Collins listings, I saw this one:


Is this not a stunner??? red. Red. RED. RREEDDD. (makes me think of the line from "Kinky Boots," a fabulous movie about shoes!)

I adore red (and pink. Lol) This one isn't from her jeweled collection. It was made after she sold the company to the Tandy Corporation. Inside, I found the horse logo which represents the work after she sold.

The bag is impeccable. No scratches, tears, stains. It is ready-set-go mode.

And then our eyes move to the tote handle. Smaller than the ones of today which do double duty as a shoulder handle.

And then our eyes move to the clasp. Gorgeous. Simply Gorgeous. It resembles to bean pods, with peas and a flower in the center. Not certain, but wonderful. In fact, this would make a good pin.

Now for the moment of truth. I'm a little embarrassed to admit the price for it is pricier than others. Maybe what I saved on them justifies the cost: $103.00

Sigh. I just love it.



Isn't this a perfect one?

Anna Markland said...

It is stunning, but I have to admit to usually getting frustrated trying to fasten this type of bag.


Thanks, Anna, for visiting Handbag Monday. Yeah, I'm notorious for not doing this consistently. I'm getting ready to try this out this week. Shall report back.

Jerrica Knight-Catania said...

What a lovely bag! I have to say my most prized possession is a snakeskin clutch given to me by Darby Scott herself. It's about a $1000 bag so there's no way I would have bought it for myself. Lol.


Hi, Jerrica! Why thank you so much. I'm thinking you need to be a guest on HBW and show off this treasure!

Barb Han said...

Now that is one sexy purse! I think I have matching shoes.


Thanks, Barb. I adore the buckle. And am going to change my stuff into it right now. I'd like to see those shoes too. hugs

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