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Monday, March 17, 2014

Vicki Batman ~ #handbag Monday: Kay Sisk is obsessed with evening bags

#handbag Monday
Too often, friends are so funny about showing off their handbag treasures. Today's is brought to you by author Kay Sisk. Let's check out hers:

I'm not sure where it started, but I have a fascination with evening bags. Perhaps because they're so cheap at estate sales. No one values them and they sit there so lonely. I can give them a good home. Granted, it's in the top of my closet and they stay in hiding most of the year. But oh--when they get to come out--what a time!
But this really is embarrassing. I had no idea how many I had until Vicki asked me to share. The photo shows just the ones I've found at estate sales or had since I was a teen when having an evening bag seemed de rigueur. Not included are those whose rock-bottom prices were so tempting I gave in. Gold lame', anyone?
Left to right, top to bottom:

This beautiful tapestry bag: is from France! It actually says so on the label. I bought it at the local estate sale of a single gentleman and so I'm sure it belonged to his mother. It's big enough for an iPhone and was less than $5.
The brown velvet: I know it cost a dollar and was at a neighbor's garage sale. I think it might have been from a cosmetics promo, but I don't care. How many brown velvet bags do you have?
Love this one! The red and blue and gold and mirrors! Is it from India or just pretending to be? The blue threads can wrap about my wrist and it holds quite a bit. Looks great with black. 
If I didn't carry this white number to my prom, I probably thought about it. It's thin and delicate and wouldn't take much mishandling. Just put the elbow length gloves in it and place it gently on the table.
A real sign of its times, this black bag has a snap closure and a long chain. It screams vintage, even if it might be pretending.
Little, pretty white beaded bag: Barely big enough for an iPhone and a lipstick. 
This black bag with the gold and silver front: is very versatile, but maybe not very old. 
My Marilyn Monroe bag: I call it that because the pleated white material reminds me of her dress in The Seven Year Itch. You know the one.
Little black beaded bag: not big enough for an iPhone. It would have carried the "quarter" my grandmother told me to always have with me in case my date misbehaved so I could use a pay phone to call home. 
So, is this so many I won't buy the next one I see? Oh, please. Of course I will!

There’s a secret hidden at Ranch McLeod and someone wants Beth Ann Fox off the property before she can find it. But fire, vandalism, and theft only strengthen her resolve to stay out her year--and bring out the protective instincts of Sheriff Bry Phillips, feelings he thought he’d buried long ago. 
But when she owns the ranch, she says she’s leaving and his heart will go with her. Can love overcome stubborn pride and a secret two generations old?
Find Once Upon a McLeod at:  AMAZON
Thank you, Kay, for sharing your wonderful collection of evening bags.

Poinsettia bag: Week 5
I have continued to fill in the middle of one side. Since I had skeins from two different dye lots, I was using one strand from each. But I didn't really like how they laid down. So I randomly used a strand from one. Finished. Then used from the other skein. I honestly can't tell.
So I present Week 5:



Sylvia said...

Hi Kay,
I love the story of you purchasing the bag from the single gentleman. I wonder what tales that handbag could tell us. Love your bags and your book. I'm a sucker for ranch books. Best of luck with it.

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