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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

.@VickiBatman - guest author Marianne Stephens from RB4U with special #handbag #MFRWorg #RLFblog #fashion

This is such an extra special day as my guest is Marianne Stephens who allows me to post on RB4U!

Handbag Monday

Let's get to know Marianne: Marianne Stephens has written mainstream romance and nonfiction books. ( Other pen name, April Ash, has written erotic romance books.) She runs the Romance Books '4' Us website - a promotion site for authors, publishers, and industry representatives. Marianne lives in the Midwest and enjoys communicating with readers and those in the romance book industry.

One year, my bowling team got first place, and our prize was a gift certificate to Macy's. I used it to buy the bag. I LOVE this bag...it even goes in the washer and dryer! It's my Spring/Summer bag, but I sometimes use it into the Fall. Lots of room inside to hold whatever I want to put in it. The canvas shoulder strap doesn't cut into my shoulder; it's wider than most straps and more comfortable.

VB says: Marianne, I like the fabric on the bag. It looks worldly. 

Here's the blurb from Naughty List: Are you on the Naughty List...thirteen Naughty Holiday stories to warm up your winter.
Marianne's story is: Dear Santa: I Want a MAN for Christmas
Find Naughty List at: website

Thank you, Marianne, for sharing your handbag with me today! And congratulations on Naughty List. Very hotttt guy.


vicki batman said...

Good morning, Marianne, and am so happy you are at #handbag Monday, er, Wednesday! Congratulations on the anthology. I hear it is doing so well.

Marianne Stephens said...

Thanks for hosting me today!

Sandy said...

Marianne, is that bag light weight? If it's cloth, I'm sure it is.

Congratulations on doing so well on your books.

D'Ann said...

Cute bag! I think I give Vicki heart palpitations every time I tell her I don't carry one! LOL

Marianne Stephens said...

No handbag, D'Ann? Do you carry everything in your pockets?

Sandy, yes, it's all cloth...so makes it easy to go in the washer. Thanks for the congrats!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Sandy! I didn't know Marianne's bag could be washed.

Hi. D'Ann! You do scare me about the no bag. lolol

Rose Anderson said...

It does look worldly. :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Rose! That's what I'm thinking that the print is continents and such. Is this true, Marianne?

Angela Adams said...

Interesting bag...

Sylvia said...

Interesting bag. I like the fact that it's washable.

Melissa Keir said...

What a great bag. I love that you can wash it! That's the best part!

vicki batman said...

Marianne: we are interested in the washing part. :)

Red L. Jameson said...

Love the bag and the anthology looks hot enough to melt the snow around here, where we've already had snow for weeks! What fun!

Marianne Stephens said...

The print on the bag are locations/passport stuff.

It was so dirty after being on the ground at a picnic that I just figured I'd try washing it...and it came out so clean! I do this at times but on a delicate cycle.

Red...yes the anthology is hot and we had fun putting it together!

Thanks to all for your comments!

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