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Monday, March 23, 2015

The beauty of RED! on Handbag Monday #fashion #accessories #MFRWorg

Handbag Monday
So what do you peruse on the internet when you have down time? I scroll through eBAY and ETSY for handbags. Recently, I discovered this one: 

RED!!! caught my eye. I am a huge red fan and have many handbags in that color. 

This is a red vinyl handbag, size 14 x 14. The lining is red and white striped and is stamped with the Ingber logo and Made in the USA. There are pockets inside as well. The unique handles caught my eye. Instead of being attached, they are an integral part of the handbag. Sold!

From the internet, I found this information about the company: Ingber & Company was founded by brothers, Issac and David Ingber in 1903.  One of their carpet bags was featured in the movie Around the World in Eighty Days, starring David Niven. Their designs were also featured in Marjorie Morningstar starring Natalie Wood. The company was based in Philidelphia and had a showroom in New York City.

Ingber & Company is an example of the American Dream made real by one family’s labor and creativity. During the sixties, designs were geared towards hard leather bags, such as the Kelly bag. The company closed in 1966. Their designs are highly collectible because of their beauty and quality craftsmanship.

I specifically went back to ETSY and eBAY and googled Ingber. There, I found many delightful designs, some of which may intrigue you to check them out.

What is your favorite handbag color?


Sylvia said...

Love red handbags! This one is really pretty, I'll have to check out their website.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Sylvia! Now, I have my eye on an orange bag. LOL. I don't have anything orange.

Florence Cronin said...

Vicki, that bag makes a strong statement about whoever wears it ... hot and feisty ... bright and happy. Love it.

I don't have a particular type or color in handbags, but I do prefer long straps rather than handles.

Good choice for today :)

Angela Adams said...

I like what Florence said about "hot and feisty." I think this bag will certainly make heads turn.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Florence! I agree this one is hot and feisty. There is a yellow tone to this red which makes if noticeable. In fact, I went to a new antique mall on Sunday and three ladies all commented on this bag.

I used to do straps, but them always fell off my shoulders; so I went back to tote types.

Hi, Angela! I will always remember Florence's comments about hot and feisty. You should visit her blog on Wednesdays. She writes amazing stories about New York. Hugs!

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