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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Crafty gal: the hottest thing-coloring books #crafting #crayons #art #RssosSisters #MFRWorg

Crafty gal chatting about
...coloring books

After the holidays last year, I was perusing a favorite stitchery catalog. And something interesting caught my eye—coloring books.

Coloring books are the rage.

As a child, I loved coloring. For Christmas one year, I was given a huge box of crayons and was very happy. Trying out colors that I’d never had in the standard school size was a huge adventure.

Let’s face it—not all of us can be artists in the sense of drawing artwork. I express myself through stitching—embroidery and needlepoint. However, asked to sketch something and...well, stick figures look better.

This catalog has books on Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge Fashions, birds cats, sports cars, Victorian mansions, flowers, gardens, paisley.  A search through Amazon found Splendid Cities, Enchanted Forests, The Time Garden and more.

Looks like something once considered to be for children isn’t any more. And isn’t that grand?

So when traveling this summer, I visited an art museum and while scanning through book titles, I found postcards to color featuring fashions from the 1920’s. Since I was a Clothing and Textiles major, this found a home with me:

 But I’m using colored pencils instead of crayons or colored markers. I like a good point and these particular ones have a twist top. And if I goof? No biggie as I can erase and correct.

I’ve been using the finished cards as thank you notes. Several people have emailed me about how cute they are.

So what about? Have you considered coloring lately?


P.S. Someone asked what I'm coloring with:


Angela Adams said...

I love coloring books, and often give them as gifts.

Cathy McElhaney said...

I seriously have considered it to try to reduce some of my stress! I have had 2 heart attacks in 3 months...I need a better way to handle these stressful situations! Maybe coloring would help!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! What a wonderful idea. I'm going to give too.

Hi, Cathy! You have a plateful and maybe this would be an easy way to decompress. I say try. :)

Patricia said...

You know, more and more people are talking about coloring books these days. I think it's awesome. I was always a horrible colorer (is that a word?) but I always loved getting those big boxes of 40 or 50 crayons with the built-in sharpener. But I could never color within the lines. I, too, would love to use a colored pencil and even looked on Amazon for a coloring book that would interest me. But they all looked too intricate. Can you give me any hints? Not that I want one for a 2-year-old; but not one that would cause me to, once again, not stay in the lines.

Melissa Keir said...

Rats! You've deduced my whole reason for becoming a teacher! The Coloring! I get to play with glitter, glue and color all day long.. or at least for 10 minutes when I'm not trying to teach them not to pick their noses, hit the people next to them or how to tie their shoes! :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Patricia! I found the ones for my BIL through a catalog-Herrschner's (spelling???). I saw some in Mary Maxim, too.

I once got a B for coloring a pumpkin out of lines. I went home and practiced so that wouldn't happen again. The pencils I use are Crayola twists--never need sharpening. And they can get more intricate places because the points are thinner. I'll see about adding an image to my post.

LOL, Melissa! So that's the secret. I would by the paint color books for my boys and they would do a page and I would do a page and had the best time. And we got to chat about things. Sometimes, I can get them to do puzzles with me and love that.

Anonymous said...

I have been coloring for a few months now. Great stress reliever. Although, I'm loving the detail I can get with colored pencils. I highly recommend.

Pamela Stone

Phyllis said...

I love it! I particularly like the postcard idea. Perhaps coloring a picture would stir a story about that picture in one's imagination. I used to color a lot as a child and as an adult, I learned the Donna Dewberry method of painting. I am going to have to give coloring a try. Thanks, Vicki!

stanalei said...

I've found the new coloring book rage a great way to de-stress!I love my colored pencils too.

Eve Mardis said...

I colored quite often up to a few years ago and then ... fell off the crayon band-wagon. Mostly because of the arthritis. But I enjoyed it and loved those big boxes of crayons and any Disney princess type of coloring book ... or cats.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Pam! I agree the colored pencils are what to use. I love crayons, but the details and small pictures work better for me with pencils. Hugs!

Hi, Phyllis! I love the postcards and send them to friends, especially when I received birthday gifts. LOL Try it!
Hi, Stanalei! There's not much to carry--book and pencils for me. And it is quiet. I'd like to do sometime with music, but tend to with the television on. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi, Eve! LOL. You are a princess! And a crazy cat lady!!! Have you tried pencils?

jmmaurer said...

I love to color mosaic pages, and the social worker at work always had them sitting out on her round table in her office. When I needed a break, I headed straight to her. The postcard is a great idea. Lovely post, Vicki. :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, JM! How wonderful the work is always out for you to doodle with. It does take your mind away and allow it to think in another way, thus reducing stress. Kudos to her!

Gemma Juliana said...

Lovely, Vicki! I, too, invested in some coloring books recently and my inner child is delighted! Never heard of coloring postcards, though, and I'd like to get some. Colored pencils are also my preference. Thanks for sharing!

Calisa Rhose said...

I love to color, Vicki. When I get time I grab my granddaughter's Lisa Frank book and color. It's relaxing, fun and a great stress reliever. I just found some 'adult' coloring books on Amazon (I think) that I'm going to order one or two of. I used to have some floral adult books that I loved coloring the intricate designs. Post cards are cute, I've never seen those before. Oh and I have those exact pencils! I grabbed myself some while school shopping fro gdd. :)

Luanna Stewart said...

I love colouring! I bought a Secret Garden book a while back, and some nice coloured pencils. I'm saving it for when I've finished my editing. In the meantime, feeling the need to practice my colouring skills, i downloaded some pages that Madeline Hunter was offering, and worked on them today. Such fun!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Gemma! You are so welcome and it is exciting to see so many of us embracing this form. At dinner, my friend asked where to get postcards. Today, I went to Amazon and searched for *postcards to color*. Lots popped up and I bought the Secret Garden version and new twistables, too!

Hi, Calisa! LOL. Don't you love the twistables?? I can't wait for my new package to arrive. And try the Amazon for postcards. Hugs!

Hi, Luanna! I had no idea Madeline Hunter was coloring, too. How much fun!!!Thank you for posting today.

Pat Amsden said...

I just saw a Harry Potter colouring book and felt my fingers start to itch. Like you I'm no artist but the thought of a giant box of markers and the beautiful pictures had me drooling. It may be time to give in to my inner child.

Shirla said...

I keep looking at the coloring books but haven't given in and gotten any yet but I may just have to after reading your post. I, too, like to stitch, crochet, knit, etc. so coloring is just an extension of that right????

vicki batman said...

Hi, Pat! I wonder when it became silly for adults to not color? Maybe because the books were for kids? I wonder. But wonder no more. I did order some more postcards and a huge package of twistables!

Hi, Shirla! I like that needlepoint, yet there are small spaces of time when I have just a few I could be coloring! Here's the dilemma: why isn't a package of 24 Twistables enough? LOLOL. Thanks for stopping.

darlene deluca said...

We did this at our book club girls' getaway last spring! It was a nice, quiet creative outlet.

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