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Monday, April 11, 2016

The perfect tote & handbags in books on #Handbag & Book #RssosSisters #MFRWorg #fashion

Handbag & Book with

While the boys were young, occasionally, I would work at market for a friend's showroom. I loved it. Her business was accessories and of course, the biggest fun one for me was the handbags. I bought several. Here's one:

The vendor was known for making jackets, yet did dabble in handbags. This is a heavy weight fabric, fully lined in dark blue with a pocket. I have to say this is my perfect size and style. It holds everything and has my favorite tote handles. I did put the pin on because why not style up your handbags. This giveaway came from a now defunct store which had been hugely popular when I was a teen and young adult.
I passed on my love of handbags to my heroine, Hattie Cooks, in the romantic comedy mystery, Temporarily Employed, and coming this fall, Temporarily Insane. Here's a fun excerpt:

           With a drawn-out sigh, she dropped her handbag on the couch. Her gaze went back to the photo. “He looks kinda young to be writin’ tickets.”

            “Aren’t you funny?” Determining I stood too close, I took two steps back. “I knew him a long time ago.”

            She pressed her hand over her mouth. “You know the cop who wrote you a ticket?”


            With a drawn-out sigh, she dropped her handbag on the couch. “Explain sorta.”

            My arm rose and reached behind, my front leg lifted in a baseball windup. The first squishy ball landed on his left temple. “He’s Sarah Anne Wellborn’s brother, and he wrote me a citation today.”

            “And throwin’ things...”

            I took a step to my right and eyeballed again. “Stress balls.”

            “’cuse me. Throwin’ stress balls will make you feel what…happy?”

            The second ball hit his mouth smack dab in the middle. I blinked. “All the time he knew who I was. Why didn’t he say something? He didn’t have to write me a ticket. He was being a smart ass. The creep. The asshole. The...” The third ball smashed the bridge of his glasses. The paper split. “The geek!”

Find more of Hattie's story at: Amazon

So do you keep handbags forever like me? Or do you carry until in tatters and buy a new one and if so, what do you do with dressy clothing?


Melissa Keir said...

What a great bag. I'm looking to replace the purse I bought last year. I love it but the handles fell apart. Thought they were leather, obviously not!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Melissa! It goes with so many things. And I've always liked this size. Well, rats to the leather handles.

Angela Adams said...

That looks like a nice purse for lunch with the book club ladies!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! Could be. I've carried paperbacks and small needlepoint projects in it!

Rose Jesika said...

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Hossain said...

Yes nice handbag.I like leather handbag.
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