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Monday, October 10, 2016

Garage sale find? It's totally rocking on #Handbag & #Book #accessories #fashion #handbags #newbook

Handbag & Book with
Reggi Allder
I recently bought a pair of new red leather heels for the Holidays. I had no handbag to go with the shoes. As luck would have it, a neighbor had a garage sale. On a whim I stopped by.

I’d never bought a used handbag before probably wouldn’t do it again, but there was a red bag perfect for the shoes I’d just purchased. It’s a red quilted purse with a shoulder strap, made in the Coco Chanel style. It came from Holt Renfrew, an especially high-end store in Vancouver, Canada, and a truly unheard of item in a garage sale. My neighbor had only used it once. It had been in her closet for over twenty years. She was please to have someone else appreciate it.

Do you have a red handbag or a favorite garage sale find?

Ever wonder what happened to your high school crush?

Why is Amy Long attracted to the only man who can stop her from achieving her dream?
Amy needs a fresh start. After years of living in the city she returns to Sierra Creek to run her grandmother’s organic apple farm. Does she still belong in the small town?

Cowboy Wyatt Cameron doesn’t think so. As half owner, he’s promised to sell the farm and send her packing. What can she do to change his mind?
An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but can it prevent a broken heart?

Without the sun, the evening cooled. In the great room of old farmhouse, Wyatt set a fire in the stone fireplace. Amy watched the muscles of his strong back flex as he lifted a huge oak log and placed it on the burning kindling. Her body reacted with a sudden shot of heat, but it was proximity to him not the fire’s warmth that caused it.

“That should keep the cold out tonight.” Wyatt brushed ash from his jeans and stretched his hands out to the fire, then turned and smiled.

Even though anger toward him pulsed in her, his magnetism called to her. Damn her female response to his sex appeal. She moved toward him, stopped, moved back and gave her head a quick shake. Granny must have felt the pull of his charisma too. Was that how he got her to sign over half the farm to him?

“I obviously make you uncomfortable.”

“No. It’s not that.” She crossed her arm in a defensive motion and resisted moving further away from him. “I just thought I’d be alone,” she said not wanting to admit the truth of his statement.

The corners of his mouth turned up slightly, not exactly a smile, but at least not a frown.

“I’m trying to remember what the judge said. I couldn’t seem to focus when I was in his chambers,” she whispered.

“The will said I’m the executor of your grandmother’s estate and that I inherit half the property. I can live on the farm and use the barn for as long as I need it.”

“But I—” Unable to think how she could contradict what he said, she stopped.

“Amy, I slept in the house when your grandmother was alive. And after she was gone there didn’t seem to be a reason to move out.” He hesitated. “Tomorrow I‘ll make the old cottage in backyard livable. Tonight, if you want to be alone, I can sleep in my truck.”

The thought of him trying to rest, while tossing and turning, unable to fold his tall frame into a comfortable position in the truck’s cab, sent a genuine
smile to her lips. But she said, “I wouldn’t dream of it. Of course you can sleep in the house. Uh—tonight.”

Find Her Country Heart at: Amazon
Find Reggi Allder at: Her Country Heart Website


vicki batman said...

Good morning, Reggi! Glad you could visit with me today!!

Susan Lyons/Fox said...

Great bag, Reggi! And a nice excerpt to warm up a cool autumn day. One of my fave purses - which I almost never use but leave out just to look at - is made from a pair of faded jeans, all bedazzled with rhinestones.

Reggi Allder said...

Good morning, Vicki. It's so nice to be here!!

Shereen Vedam said...

Awesome handbag and what a find! Congratulations on the heels, bag and book!


Reggi Allder said...

Hi Susan, love the faded jeans purse with rhinestones. My character could use that bag! : ) Thanks for stopping by!!

Vivian Johansen said...

Very cool purse, its beatiful! I'm sure you got a better price at the garage sale than you have to pay at Nordstoms! LOL

Reggi Allder said...

Hi Shereen and Vivian, so pleased you stopped by and left a comment. I was very lucky to find the handbag, can't wait to use it. : )

vicki batman said...

You know, Reggi, I shop those sales and eBay as well and have bought cool bags. You never know. LOL+

Reggi Allder said...

Thanks, Vicki. I'll have to look.: ) I shop on eBay for English tea cups and saucers but have never looked for bags. LOL

Jen iffer said...

Enjoyed your blog. Love that red purse. Lucky you!

Reggi Allder said...

Hi Jen, glad you enjoyed the blog, thanks for stopping by!

20Pat said...

I found a great bag at a consignment store once but I'd say you scored big time with your find.

Reggi Allder said...

Hi 20Pat,
Congrats on your great bag! Now I'm getting excited about checking out the consignment stores. : )

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