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Thursday, October 06, 2016

My boy is all grown up #Rssos #teenagelifeisover #springcleaning #MFRWorg

Crafty Cleaning gal & Book

Frustrated. First because I had to clean #2 son's room because he moved out in February. There was still a lingering dirty old shoe or sock smell. Dust on everything. Clothing piled on the storage bins (I use the elfa system). Closet full of hangars. Old electronics. Old Boy's Life magazines. Old papers from school. Old trash.

I should be promoted to sainthood.


Because it took TEN hours to do this project. The trash went into one pile. Donations in another and in some boxes (yep, lots of clothing still had tags on them), things for him to look at and save. Once done and out of there. I washed every wall. Every piece of woodwork. The floors. Then dusted the furniture.

AND before I walked out of the room with a job well-done, I put on the new comforter set I'd bought. I just love polka dots.

Handsome couldn't believe how great the room smelled. Thank you Murphy's Oil Soap.

Fall-that's what got me into this project. Not spring cleaning, but fall. The timing was jusstt right.

And while I worked on the room, #2 son happened to show up. Did he offer to help? No-no-no. He ran off to play drums. LOLOL. I know I'll have to sit with him on the floor and and piece by piece, sort the boxes of toys and things saved over the years. And add some things like a rug. And think. And I'll paint. And remember.


My boy is all grown up.

Are you a spring cleaner or fall cleaner? What did you do with all the saved things?

Bad job. Wrong love. And murder.

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Angela Adams said...

I'm a Fall and Spring cleaner. Anything I give away, mostly clothes, get donated to a local thrift shop. Have a great weekend!

vicki batman said...

Hi, angela! By the time spring comes, I want to be outside and hopefull not sneezing instead of cleaning. Happy weekend to you too.

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