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Monday, May 27, 2013

Vicki Batman: What's in YOUR closet? It's #Handbag Monday!

~Handbag Monday~

More adventures in Handbag land. And today's is a cutie pie I picked up while on a recent vacation. Take a look:

Adorable-right? It's handmade from the Phillipines. Roomy. And a great size. I tucked a small needlepoint project inside; however, a paperback would work too. There was actually another I liked with smaller handles (more tote-like), but it had glue on it. *scrunchy nose* 

This one will be perfect for all the cool summery outfits I'll be wearing.

Happy handbag hunting!

ps. If you would like to be featured on Handbag Monday, email me at: vlmbatman@hotmail.com. I'll need a photo and a small description. Thanks!


Melissa Keir said...

I'm not a big purse person. Hubby finally had to buy me a different one because he hated the one I had. I'd worn it out.

But give me a million types of lipstick anyday! I'm a lipstick hoarder!


Hi, Melissa! Lipsticks is great! I've not heard of that. Love it too.

Happy day today.

Cara Marsi said...

I love that bag. Perfect for summer. I'm a ring collector myself. Have lots of rings in all sizes.

Pamela Stone said...

Cute purse, Vicki. But like Melissa, not so much into handbags. However, it's now Flip Flop weather and I'm totally psyched.

Patricia said...

I've never seen your Handbag Monday! Where have I been?
Actually I'm one of those people who buys ONE handbag and uses it until it literally dies.
Right now I have my most favorite handbag ever. It looks like a tabby cat or a raccoon or I don't know what and I'm constantly getting compliments about it - something that's never happened in my entire life! It's not made out of real fur (hello? I'm from California) but it's so soft and I love it. Wish I had a picture.
Happy Memorial Day, Vicki!

Angela Adams said...

I love any handbag that has room for me to carry the paperback I'm reading.


Oh, Cara, you will have to show me the rings! I love them, but don't wear many.

Hi, Pam! Hey, I'm psyched about flip flops too. Have my favorite pair out and am totally comfy. lol
Hi, Patti! I don't know where you've been, but sometimes, FB doesn't let everyone see every post, you know? My bags go back to high school. And I love vintage ones too. So I guess, I wear them until I die as well. You'll have to be my guest soon. Okay? hugs.

Hi, Angela! I love when my bag holds a paperback. A very good criteria. When I had boys, they held a diaper, wipes, paperback, and a bottle. lol thanks for posting.

Chris Cannon said...

If this is a weekly part of your author blog, does that mean you can count the purses as a business expense and take a deduction for them on your taxes? If it works that way, I'm starting a weekly shoe show on my website.

Chris Cannon


Oh Chris, that is hilarious. It would take an accountant to figure that out. I'll ask mine. LOL

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