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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Vicki Batman #MySexySaturday !

Sweet yet Sexy?

I think by far I am not sexy. Yet, as a romance writer, I have to convey this in my work. So what makes sexy?

For me? Yeah, yeah, yeah, a lean and fit man, who carries the ability to conquer all in his 'tude and stance. But the twinkle in his eye…


So from my romantic comedy, "Store Wars," I give you 7 paragraphs with sexy hero, Fletcher:


     "Sold." As I reached for his outstretched hand, my pant leg caught on something. I felt myself tumbling face-first to meet concrete.

     Fletcher caught me before the grand finale. "Whoa, sweetheart. You okay?" Gently, he lifted me to my feet. We stood chest to chest; so close, I could smell lemon, see the golden ring pulsing around his irises. An exchange of synergy zigzagged between us.

     As I stared into his eyes, my body barely swayed. All sense of time and place evaporated. My mouth parted. When my eyes closed, I perceived him shifting closer. His grip tightened on my upper arms. When he softly said, "Janie," his breath teased my ear, sending butterfly-like shivers over my body.

     The urge to have him hold me, kiss me, love me seized. His mouth found mine. My nose grazed his cheek as I deepened the kiss. His lips dragged and took, sending me out of my mind. He tasted like the Hershey's chocolate kisses Betty from Bath Bubbly had passed around.

     When a car honk reached my ear, my Texas sensibility returned. I stepped away, my finger lightly rubbing my lips. Ohmygolly, I just kissed Fletcher Babcock like tomorrow would never come.

     His mouth quirked. The same quirk found his eyes. "Nice, sweetheart."

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Find Store Wars at:
MuseItUp Publishing


Lynn Crain said...

Wow! Yup...that sizzle is pretty sexy...IMHO. Thanks for participating, Vicki...hope you had fun with My Sexy Saturday!



Thanks, Lynn. It also makes me laugh.

Melissa Keir said...

Great excerpt! I would love to fall into a guy's arms like that!


Thank you, Melissa! I think he's adorable.

Angela Adams said...

Great Excerpt.


Thank you so much, Angela, for stopping and for the compliment.

Lyndi Lamont said...

Enjoyed the excerpt, Vicki. IMO there's nothing sexier than a man with a sense of humor.


Hi, Lyndi! I just can't not write funny. And that twinkle in the eye gets me every time. Thanks for stopping.

Rayne said...

Sexy? And how! What a guy; I saw and smelled and heard and felt George Clooney, the sexiest man I can imagine.


Oh, Rayne, you are so funny. He is pretty sexy and Handsome does look a bit like him. lolol

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