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Monday, May 13, 2013

Vicki Batman: What's in your closet? Why, it's Handbag Monday!

Handbag Monday!!

As I was leaving a wedding reception the other night, two friends comment on the handbag I carried:

They even asked where I bought it. LOL. <Silly girls.> It's vintage! Yep, found at a flea market for $3.00 years ago.

And doesn't it have a lovely classic design? I can see Audrey Hepburn carrying something like it.

This bag has no maker label inside. The fabric is some kind of faux patent leather. The handle is a cute boxy shape, gold frame, and the same fabric is on the handle. Inside, a zippered compartment divides the interior into three areas.

So what do you think? Too old for you? Very classy?
Happy handbag hunting.


Judi Shill said...

I KNOW you love handbags!! .....and this one suits you ....love it .... Classic .....

Judi S


Hi, Judi! and thanks for commenting today. Isn't it precious? And I'm sure you will be watching for the little number I picked up on our recent excursion. Stay tuned. hugs.

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