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Monday, July 15, 2013

Vicki Batman asks Karen Cote: What's in Your Closet? #HandbagMonday

Handbag Monday


I met today's guest, Karen Cote, online. We quickly became the bestest of friends ('cause she is super dooper nice!) and finally met in person last year. I almost couldn't stop hugging her. And gave her an adorable cosmetic/eyeglass case I had done in needlepoint.

Here's Karen's story for Handbag Monday:

The one and only time I dropped 5 C-Notes for a Handbag

Now, anyone who knows me is aware of my absolute passion-obsession-fetish with shoes. So resisting them due to the dance of “to-pay or not-to-pay” big bucks is always a battle with my wallet.

Of course, that means my high appreciation for handbags are even more important since shoes are my primary objective in getting noticed and nothing, I mean NOTHING, says about shoes what a handbag can.

Even so, Vicki Batman taught me there is more to know about handbags than the clutch and purse distinctions.

She taught me that for every occasion exists an appropriate handbag to wear it to and whereas I have always created occasions for my shoes just so I could wear them, there is a particular handbag I found in Florence, Italy that rivals my shoe collection.

Of course, I’m in Florence, right? Matching shoes, or in this case, ankle booties, were on prominent display front and center.

It was love at first sight. *sigh*

Of course, all of this was not cheap but anyone with a passion of such things will have occasional guilty indulgences and ordinarily I would never spend on a handbag what I pay for shoes at one setting. We did that day.


Wow, Karen, that is TRUE love. And the tip of the shoes is awesome. And here's my TRUE confession: I bought four bags in Florence. LOL. Yeah, one was a gift.

Thanks for being with me today, sweetie.
May your handbag days be merry and bright.



Kathy Ivan said...

Hello, my name is Kathy and I have a confession. I pick ahandbag for it's usefulness, not necessarily it's looks. Don't get me wrong, I love a pretty bag, but it has to be functional as well. Big, room, able to carry all the stuff I need at a moment's notice, I tend to use it for several weeks/months at a time until forced to change it to another equally large and accommodating bag.

Great to see you here at Vicki's blog, Karen.


Haha, Kathy. So you are one of those kind. Well, I've carried some for extended periods of time, but it is more fun to look for neat ones. ox

Melissa Keir said...

I'm jealous that you were in Florence. Buying anything there would be heaven!

I'm still in love with my lipsticks. I'm feeling the need to get some more! I'm trying to resist!!


Hi, Melissa: I don't know about Karen, but I had a blast buying bags. The guide said there is a school that teaches handbags. I swooned. ox

Barb Han said...

LOL, Kathy! Cracked me up. I need a bag that is both functional and pretty because I have kids. Kids make you carry a lot of crap. :-)

Karen Cote said...

You all are a crack up!!!! Lol Kathy, you know...I have an iPad handbag that does it all but given the pressure of appearing with Miss Vicki, well she got 4 bags in Florence. I think that pretty much sums her up. Lol. Love ya Kathy and thank you for sharing your lovely self today. Even in a comment, your presence is powerful. Hehe big hugs my friend

Karen Cote said...

Ooooh Melissa! Lipstick? We need to talk. Lol. *sigh* Vicki, you have the coolest friends.

Karen Cote said...

Barb, I know have a daughter who has three children. When we're together, she carries that bag you mentioned, along with my lipstick. That leaves my hands free to play with the babies. Hehe.


Haha, girls, I carried big ones when #1 & #2 were little. Requirements: hold a bottle, paccy, and diaper w wipes. Sometimes, I 'll have to tell #2 story in the grocery store.

I'm not all about teeny tiny. After #1 & #2 grew up, we replaced with a book. Now, there's the nano, phone, etc. Oh yeah, and small needlepoint project.


Hi, Barb! Kids have handbags--backpacks. LOL. Mine especially took theirs when they went on trips. Just sayin...

Elise VanCise said...

LOVE the boots and bag. I have a thing for boots :) I do love handbags/tote bags/backpacks... oh I could be dangerous if I had a hunk of free dough and set loose in a mall :D


Hi, Elise! Most of the time, I don't find my treasures in the mall. I find them at the antique/flea markets. Ebay, ETSY. Lots of them have hardly been carried, or not at all. So let me loose there! Thanks for posting.

Karen Cote said...

Elise! Thank you so much for coming over. Sit down, relax, put your boots up, and tell us about your backpack collection because a backpack has many stories to tell.

Lol...oh my darling friend. The only dough we need here is for baking cookies. I like snicker doodles the best.

Iona said...


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