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Monday, October 14, 2013

Vicki Batman ~ #HandbagMonday A new Challenge!

~Handbag Monday~ Work in Progress

As you know, I am a big handbag lover, and when combined with a favorite hobby, I am a huge lover of needlepoint handbags.

Here's a photo of some, er, most of them:

Several years ago, I took a needlepoint picture in to be taken apart and made into a pillow. The saleslady informed me that my piece was unique in that all the crafter had to do was fill in the background. The main elements were already done on a canvas.  My head went ding! Because I have similar handbags; so I asked about those, and she said yes, they came from a kit and were still available.

And idea blossomed. What if I found an incomplete kit and finished it? Could I do this? Here's what I found:

This kit features a Paris street scene. Squee! Each side is different. I decided on red because—big surprise—red is a favorite color and I don't have a red needlepoint bag. The saleslady suggested using silk thread since I have trouble using wool.
What I've done so far:

I love this challenge. I work on it for about an hour most nights. But don't be surprised—I found a poinsettia kit. Holiday bag here I come!  For next year, though.
Stay tuned as I'll be posting updates on the Paris bag occasionally.
Vicki Batman adores handbags and is currently scouring the market for one to celebrate the sale of her romantic mystery, Temporarily Employed, coming in 2014.


Rose Gorham said...

Your bags are beautiful, Vicki. You put a lot of love in them.

Pamela Stone said...

Using your own taste and creativity will just make it that much more special.

Sandy said...

You're just full of great ideas, Vicki.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Rose! and thank you. Only one there has been crafted by me, but I truly appreciate craftsmanship by others.

Hi, Pam! I know!!! and don't cha love the red. REDREDRED!!

Hi, Sandy! I don't know if I'm the queen of ideas, but I have a few. Hugs

Suzanne Rock said...

OMG, <3 them! I'm a handbag lover, too. I really like how you used your creativity. The bags are beautiful!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Suzanne! Thank you so much. I am wondering if you enjoy eBay and ETSY??? lol

Phyllis said...


Are most these purses made via kit you've found or have you found them done? If you are making them from scratch, you and I need to talk.

Melissa Keir said...

Congrats on your new hobby! I loved to needlepoint when I had more time. My family gave me a needlepoint chair and needlepoint footstool when my grandmother passed away. Now I can sit in it and remember her!


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