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Monday, March 03, 2014

Vicki Batman ~ author Rayne Golay shares the handbag that called out to her

Handbag Monday!!

I'm pleased as punch to welcome a fellow writer friend, Rayne Golay.
Let's take a look at her handbag:


Who can resist a cloud-gray and gold handbag that calls out your name as you walk into the store? Not me. Not when it’s roomy and has lots of gold. And three compartments and an outer zip for my phone. It even holds my iPad. The perfect bag for a woman on the go.

On my way to lunch from an art show, I stopped in this store because of a few elegant handbags displayed in the window. My intention wasn’t to buy a bag, but when I saw Charlie, stunned and delighted, I could only stare while my hands opened and closed from the want to own this bag. To be honest, I came close to salivating.

I’m quite boring when it comes to handbags. I have about twenty of them. Some are in various shades of brown, but most of them are black for winter, white for summer—which is most of the year hear in Florida—gold for the evening because it goes with everything. I favor a shoulder strap so my hands are free, maybe a left-over from the when I used to walk my gorgeous boxer Hestia. No matter the size, the shape, the color, if it’s my handbag it has to be of leather simply because I love the material. As it turned out, to close the deal, Charlie, is made of the softest leather, like velvet to the touch.

Blurb for The Wooden Chair:  Child abuse, overcoming the trauma, refusal to repeat mother’s behavior are the essence of my award-winning women’s fiction novel, The Wooden Chair.
Find Rayne at:  www.raynegolay.com
Find The Wooden Chair at:  Amazon

Thank you, Rayne, for sharing your treasure with us today!
Poinsettia handbag: Week 3
I made major headway on the gusset. So far, I've used five skeins of the silk. But I'm using two strands. That's a lot of thread!

The black really pops the poinsettias!



darkwriter said...

I'm still not a bag person, but I have to admit if I was looking for one, Rayne's is gorgeous and just about everything I'd want in a bag - 3 sections, holds an iPad and over the shoulder and leather.

Angela Adams said...

That's the kind of bag I need...I carry my entire life in my handbag!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Beverley! Rayne's is gorgeous. I have a hard time with shoulder bags as they slip off. She sure picked a beauty. Thanks for stopping.

Hi, Angela! Yep, looks like Rayne's bag will carry a lot. Many people prefer that too. Hugs!

Sylvia said...

I like the color and the organization of the bag. I hate it when my phone is ringing and I'm digging thru my purse to locate the silly thing. Organization - I love it.

Melissa Keir said...

I can see how the black makes the flowers pop out. Can't wait to see it when it's done.

I love Rayne's bag. But I cringed when she said she's not much of a bag person and has 12... I have two. *hangs head in shame*

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