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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

.@VickiBatman - Father's Day is Coming and no gifts?

Father’s Day is Coming

And I have no elaborate gifts. The fathers in my life don’t need them. My dad is 91 and loves ice cream and cookies. Guess what I’ll be buying? Yep, cookies and a nice card.

Handsome is incredibly independent and buys stuff all the time. I have to cut his buying off in September so he won’t be duplicating at Christmas. I’m giving him his favorite treat, tiny Reeses cups, an inexpensive shirt, and a card.

What we really like to do is gather the boys, our girl, and walk to our favorite donut store (don’t laugh! Handsome LOVES donuts) with the dogs while the temp is cool outside. The walk gives us a special time on a special day to share and be together. We don’t need a huge meal. Just a treat of donuts.

We’ve never been about expensive gifts on our anniversary. Heck, most of the time when the guys were small, we had PTA or a sport to attend. We’d somehow manage to squeeze in a burger or Mexican food date and make a small toast over a glass of Coke.

And that was perfectly fine.

Honoring someone isn’t all about the gifts. It’s being with that person.  


Marsha said...

Nice post, Vicki! It's all about being together for sure. we're getting together with our girls, the Ss-I-L & grands at one of their homes to grill salmon on Saturday night. Everyone is bringing something. That's what DH asked for, time with the family.I've FBed and Tweeted. :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Marsha! Thank you for stopping today. Handsome and I chatted recently and I mentioned that if you asked anyone what they would want for one last wish, it would be to spend time--TIME--with family. I love salmon. Hugs.

Angela Adams said...

My dad, too, was never one for a lot of fancy gifts. And, now, as long as we show up with a cake (and my sister loves to bake), my dad is happy! Happy Father's day to your dad and to Handsome!

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