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Monday, June 02, 2014

.@VickiBatman - #Handbag Monday: Old? New? Big? Small?

~Handbag Monday~

As you know, I go with a variety of handbags. In general, I like mine to be structured so things aren't lost in the bottom. (See digging through one while checking out at the grocery store and there are at least a million people in line behind you going why? and you have to write a regular check because your debit card fell out of your wallet which is under the exploded pak of tissues you have to tote around because of springtime allergies. LOL)

Then there is color. Not a huge fan of bright yellow or orange. However, I do have a large variety of styles in


When buying vintage, I want a clean one. In good repair. Not ripping out at the seams, not missing anything. Isn't stinky. Of good value. Color. Style. Will my stuff fit.

When buying a new bag, I look for style, price, different from others, color. Will my stuff fit--the difference being an evening bag.

So where to go? Flea markets, department stores' clearance racks, thrift stores, boutiques, shoe stores.

Yesterday, I was rambling through a large antique marketplace, specifically looking for a stool and a mirror (didn't find). Of course, I took the time to look at vintage bags. Although I did see several I admired, I didn't buy any. In two cases, price, size, and style stopped me.

Do you always purchase a new bag? Or have you purchased a vintage one?

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