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Friday, October 10, 2014

#Movie Mom - This is Where I Leave You - if you like a good family comedy/drama, this might be the one #MFRWorg #PlottingPrincesses

I mentioned Handsome and I went for a double feature and I was sooo ready for a comedy.

-- #Movie Mom --

This Is Where I Leave You is a comedy-drama film directed by Shawn Levy and based on the book  by Jonathan Tropper, who also wrote the film's screenplay. I had never heard of the book, but liked the movie immensely. 
The thing with comedies is they are funny, but underneath is a serious undertone. 

The blurb: For their father's last request, four siblings reunite at their childhood home for a week of sitting Shiva.

Yeah, that blurb didn't cover half of it! What I liked is the film focused on each character and their conflict and in the end, we see a glimmer of hope. Starring Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Corey Stoll, and Adam Driver. We find a recently divorced brother. A sister holding on to a love for a friend while in a difficult marriage. A brother running the family business and trying to get his wife pregnant. The youngest brother who is labeled "loser," yet is utterly charming. The matriarch--played by Jane Fonda--is totally outrageous. 

They argue, fight, hear the most hilarious scene ever over the baby monitor about sex. "This is Where I leave You" has great quips, but we see inside the characters' pain and want them to pull through.

FMI: This is Where I Leave You

Does your family scream, shout, laugh and cry? 

Vicki Batman's family is pretty low key and solve lots of problems over a great meal. Find her romantic comedy mystery, Temporarily Employed, at: Amazon or at: The Wild Rose Press  You will laugh and cry over this one and probably fall for the hunky hero. 


Anna Gibson said...

Hi Vicki! Yes we do all of that and more lol. We do tend to have some heated arguments once in a while. But we love to have fun together, and laughing at one another's silliness is high on the table. I'm not much of a crier though :)

Sylvia said...

This movie got horrible reviews so we decided to wait and see it when it became a rental. But there are just no good comedies out there right now and frankly I'm sick of the violence in movies. I'm sorry, but I'm decided I don't ever want to see another Marvel character on screen. But I will go see the next Hunger Games episode - violence and all. But Maze Runner??? Really. Cross between Alien and Hunger Games.

As for my family - we have too much drama -- I'm ready for some laughs.

florence cronin said...

Oh Vicki, my family is Italian. We scream, cry, wave hands and often throw things :)

Saw the trailer for that movie and can't wait to see it !!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Anna! I love laughing with my family, but tend to avoid arguments. One Christmas Eve, many were gathered at my house and we watched "White Christmas." There was lots of giggles and singing.

Hi, Sylvia! Oh, I didn't see that review. I'm with you--not more comic heroes brought to life. I want more depth than that.

Hi, Florence! I'm not that up to speed on Italians, but it is my understanding that there are lots of gestures and exuberant love.

Angela Adams said...

Thanks for the post. I saw the trailer, too. Great cast.

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