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Monday, October 13, 2014

.@VickiBatman - guest author Helen Scott Taylor & I'm JEALOUS I don't have her #handbag #MFRWauthors #RLFblog

*  #Handbag Monday  *

welcomes author Helen Scott Taylor. 
Let's get to know Helen:

USA Today bestselling author, Helen Scott Taylor, writes contemporary romance and has published novels, novellas and short stories in both the US and the UK. Her latest release is Italian Christmas Proposal, the first in a series of three sweet romance novellas set in Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

I love Radley bags. I have a Westie and although the cute dog logo on Radley bags is actually a Scottie, it looks like a Westie to me! I love a gorgeous handbag - add a doggy charm and I'm in heaven.

This particular bag caught my eye as I was looking for a new grab bag with handles but also a long strap that allowed me to wear it across my body for those times when your hands are full of shopping bags. J

The color choices were lovely. I had a hard time choosing between the red and a gorgeous teal. I love my red bag but I still hanker after the teal color. I often open the bag's sale page on the Internet and stare at it longingly. I'd seriously consider buying both if they weren't so expensive.

The bag has a solid base and stands up well on its own. I normally buy softer bags, but I've found this feature really useful. It's a smooth, fine-grain leather and looks lovely.

In summary, adorable, beautiful and worth every penny of the exorbitant price tag! 

A bit about Italian Christmas Proposal:   Desperate to forget her controlling ex-fiancĂ© and have a fresh start, Claire goes to Italy to write about how the Italians celebrate Christmas. Leo has his own troubled past to overcome, but when he rescues Claire from the rain and takes her home to meet his daughter, the magical Italian Christmas offers them both a second chance at happiness.

Find Italian Christmas Proposal at:

Find Helen Scott Taylor at:

Helen, I must add that I am in love!!! with this Radley bag. First, because it is RED and second, because it is such a great size. I think I shall have an eye on these handbags. 


Angela Adams said...

That is one serious-looking handbag, Vicki. I'm so excited that the Christmas books are out. Helen, best wishes with your release!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! Isn't it neat? Take a look at the Radley site. I'm excited too about Christmas books. I haven't said much; however, I'm in a Christmas anthology with Holiday Disaster, plumbing, surly Maintenance May, Christmas = fun!

brenda said...

I have a serious bag issue, therapy has not helped! Red bag... feel my knees knocking. And yes, best with the release.

Sylvia said...

Love the handbag and I'm always a sucker for Christmas stories. Right after Halloween is when I always treat myself to a Christmas story. Best of luck with the release.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Brenda! LOLOL. I have a red bag problem too. Had to have my favorite one repaired and took the contents out of the one I'd replaced with and dumped right back in the red one.

Hi, Sylvia! Isn't this bag nice? Christmas stories are so much fun!

Magdalena Scott said...

The other day I saw a handbag similar to this one and immediately wanted it. (Did not, however buy it...yet.) Now I realize that I was subconsciously trying to be Helen Scott Taylor when I wanted the bag. Golly! Is there a name for this affliction? (Not a mean name, please...)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Magdalena! OMG, you are so right about the affliction. LOL. No, let's not name it. I just have a love! lolol

Phyllis said...

LOVE that handbag! I will have to check out the Radley line.

This book sounds like fun!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Phyllis! I checked and there are some cute bags out there. Hugs.

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Hi Angela, October is Christmas book month. All the big pubs release this month!

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Brenda! The bag comes in lots of beautiful colors.

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Hi Sylvia, one year I will write a Halloween story. I'm always so busy with Christmas stories I forget to write a Halloween one.

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Hi Magdalena, I only have one weakness, (If you don't count chocolate and dogs) and that's handbags. Don't care about shoes LOL--only bags.

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Hi Phyllis, Radley bags are always good quality. I should know, I have lots of them!

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Belatedly, thank you to Vicki for having me on you wonderful blog today to talk about handbags!

Mona Risk said...

What a lovely handbag. I love it's red color. My favorite right now is a navy one from Coach with a lot of pockets where I can stow my things and find them without looking!

Patricia Forsythe said...

Love that red bag, Helen. I'd never heard of Radley before, but I think I need to look for them. Just what my budget needs -- a new addiction.

Denise Devine, Author said...

I love purses, bags and shoes of all kinds. That is a very pretty bag. It would make a nice Christmas present for me to give to myself. I love the cover of your Christmas story, too!

Aileen Fish said...

That's a beautiful bag, Helen!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Helen! and hellloooo to all the friends who popped by: Mona, Patricia, Denise, and Aileen. It's good to know you love handbags too. And there's always a spot on #Handbag Monday for you.

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