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Monday, October 20, 2014

.@VickiBatman - when a friend shares a treasure with you #Handbag Monday #MFRWauthors #RLFblog

When a friend gifts a bag.... :)

~   Handbag Monday   ~

Several years ago, my friend knew of my love for all things handbags and said she had something to give me. 

An adorable box bag she had made. The body is a wooden box, covered in bandanna type of fabric in red and black. Black rickrack is glued around the edges. The whole thing is varnished and topped with a sassy plastic handle. 

I love it. And treasure this bag because it came from my friend who passed away from cancer. She was a true friend, exuberant, loved chocolate and Mexican food, used the F-word frequently, avid needlepoint stitcher, world traveler, and danced her own steps in Jazzercise.

One day in class, my friend and I experienced the migration of the monarchs. Right before that event, she had told me her cancer had returned. I went home and journaled what had happened and eventually, wrote the story, "Taking Flight." MuseItUp Publishing published the story in their cancer anthology, Lavender Dreams.

Profits from the sales of this go to support a hospital where a MIUP editor who had cancer had been taken care of: MIUP     Amazon

But I have my own scare with cancer. Eight years ago, Handsome was diagnosed with esophageal cancer which had spread to three places. He had surgery, chemo, and radiation. I talk about this journey at: Romance Lives Forever

My friend told me Handsome was at the top of her prayer list. Her top. Truly, she is dancing with angels.


karla eakin said...

What a beautiful friend and memory of her to treasure. I'm sure seeing that handbag and butterflies in fight bring her even closer to your heart. Happy to see Handsome is in remission , I hope it lasts for many more years to come.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Karla! I miss my friend-- a lot. She was full of life. And beautiful inside and out. Handsome is fine. Thank you for being with me today. Hugs.

D'Ann said...

I'm sorry about your friend. I love that bag, and as you know, I don't carry one, but I would that one!

Marian Lanouette said...

I love the bag and the story. There is nothing like the bond of a deep friendship. So glad Handsome is doing well, and I'll add your friend to my prayers.

vicki batman said...

Hi, D'Ann! I only carry this one on special occasions. I was thrilled when she gave it to me.

Hi, Marian! The story about her sharing is wonderful and the story I wrote about her was truly magical. Handsome is as ornery as ever. But still Handsome.

R. Ann Siracusa said...

What a wonderful way to remember your friend. It's very beautiful.

Roberta said...

Terrific story, fabulous handbag.
Your fortunate to have a friend like this
Glad handsome is doing well and good thoughts and prayers for them both.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Ann! I know!!! To have something of hers and I can say she gave it to me, knowing I love handbags. She also needlepointed and wish I had a pillow too.

Hi, Roberta! Aren't we all so lucky when a friend like her crosses into our lives? I'm glad a group of 20 of us celebrate Fat Tuesday in her honor each year. Thank you, ladies, for visiting with me today.

Phyllis said...

Beautiful bag and a beautiful spirit.

Glad Handsome is still doing well.

florence cronin said...

Vicki, there is nothing more precious than holding something that calls back the memory of a good friend, a lost relative. Many days I sit with a tiny travel chess set that my middle brother took with him on the seven seas as a merchant.

I lost him too soon, but like your friend, he has left me a legacy.

You do know that angels are among us, both the living and those who were close that care for us long after they have left their mortal bodies?

Hold tight to them and to Handsome ... he is a rare find :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Phyllis! I know my days are blessed with my friend.

Hi, Florence! I love that you have this memento of your brothers. I just finished a mystery where the hero takes his late wife's brush and pushes it in the back of a drawer. I could sense his pain, loss, and want to move on. Very powerful. Hugs to you.

Lani said...

Beautiful post, Vicki! Made my eyes misty yet again. Hugs to you!

Sandy said...

What a wonderful memory and present from your friend.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Lani! These waterworks have to stop girl. lol. Hugs to you.

Hi, Sandy! I know. I have tatting my grandmother made and can't bear to use it. Just hold it and can close my eyes to imagine her making it. She always had it with her. Thank you for visiting with me today.

Angela Adams said...

What a wonderful friend! Thanks for the post

Melissa Keir said...

What a fabulous bag and even better friend. I'm so glad things are in remission for Handsome. :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! What a wonderful friend you are!!! You are so supportive of me and what I try to do. Thank you.

Hi, Melissa! Handsome has been eight years clean. We are happy. He's my guy. Squee.

Susan Day said...

What a beautiful story. I hope your friend's prayers are answered and Handsome pulls through. It's marvelous how powerful writing can be. It helps us share and cope with our grief. Lots of love from Australia.

Sydell Voeller said...

Vicky, what a touching blog post. Ii'm sure your friend is still praying for HANDSOME from her special place in Heaven.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Susan: and thank you all the way from me to Australia! Handsome is fine. Really. But we all know how each day is precious and to spend it fully in love with life and your loved ones. So that is what I want with him. So if it means no book/blog/whatever else promo to be with him, I'm with him. And we have great fun.

Hi, Sydell! Thank you so much. I could nOT believe it when she told me. How selfless of her to put him first. Sometimes, people don't share that bit of themselves and was I glad she did. I became more aware. Hugs, my friend.

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