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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

.@VickiBatman - Your bookshelf picture worthy? #MFRWorg #PlottingPrincesses

Is your bookshelf picture worthy?

I saw a post where people were asked to pose in front of their bookshelves and share a selfie. Yeah, I can't do a good selfie. But I can take a pix of my bookshelves. 

Oh my. From this view, I have a mess. 

On top are photos by #2 son. The books begin with Maeve Binchy through Kathleen Woodiwiss. 

There's an old CD player, four boxes of CDs, personalized notecards, files, every Dick Francis mystery, pictures, jewelry, a St. Anthony candle, maps, and a picture made from popsicle sticks. The book case on the right has 3 TBR shelves. $13.00 I paid myself for not eating chocolate (should have paid myself more!). 

The books look good--except for the TBRs. It's the trinkets. I have a hard time parting with gifts from family and friends. 

So no, my shelves aren't perfect. And one day, I'll do an overhaul. But for now, they are mine with my things and I love them.

If you want, you can put up a pix on my FB page and show off your shelves. Go here: Vicki Batman, sassy writer

Are your shelves picture perfect? Is there something there you can't do without? 

Vicki Batman is thrilled her baby Temporarily Employed is launched and has been celebrating with cake!


Pepper Phillips said...

Your bookshelves are very nice. Mine are a hodgepodge, so I think they need a coat of paint to make them more attractive.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Pepper! Thank you, I think they are terrible and occasionally go thru and wipe and throw. Since I face away from them, I can't see all the time anyway. Hugs.

Angela Adams said...

My shelves are a mess, but if you ask me for a book, I can go right to it!

florence cronin said...

Love your picture, Vicki. Love more that you have read all of Dick Francis, one of my all time favs.

Don't stress. At one time I have a long hallway in Manhattan that stretched for over 40 feet. And the length of it was lined with five-shelf book cases.

Since my move the the "cottage" I have paired down a great deal and now donate a great many books to Friends of the Library. Small spaces call for difficult decisions.

However, I can still cram tones of them into my e-reader :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! You can't tell from my picture, but two shelves are switched so they aren't in alpha order. lol

Hi, Florence. Dick Francis RULES!!! Be sure to try his son's mysteries, Felix Francis.

That's what I do too is donate to the library. Our local one has a big sale every year and with the budget cuts right and left since 1984... Every bit raised helps.

I love my e-reader, especially for traveling. And I get to meet nice books that are well-written by authors who aren't NYTimes.

Thanks for posting, my friend.

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