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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

author @VickiBatman - Annoying? Going crazy? Why me? #MFRWorg #RLFblog #plottingprincesses


I know many of you have been in predicaments or situations where you toss your hands in the air and go Why? Why? Why?

So here's mine:
Can you tell what it is? Socks! Yes, socks drive me crazy. And matching socks is my least favorite thing to do.
I had two loads to fold--darks and lights--and every time I tackle this task, I save the socks for last. They always look like a never-ending mess to me. But I pick through and begin matching the dots, then the ones Handsome wears--ribs with the red at the top, the white Thorlos I wear to workout, and finally, what is left over. And without a doubt, there are two to three singletons without a mate.
I suppose I could leave them in one big wad and shove in a drawer. However, we all know being organized works faster. That's why there are pens and pencils standing neatly in a mug. The chips sorted together in the pantry. The varieties of tea in a bin on a shelf. Besides, my mom would be appalled.
What mundane every day thing drives you crazy or is annoying like matching socks?
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Eve Mardis said...

Socks are the bane of most peoples existence. Just saying. It's okay with my white socks because they're all from a new package (because I'm on my feet a lot, men's socks work better because they're thicker) and look alike. Black? Different packages, different years. If I'm in a mood I'll sort and put them together. If not, which is most of the time, I leave them in the laundry basket and, every single morning, pick through the whole lot. That means holding them all from their tops and take the first 2 that match.

Alice Abel Kemp said...

Interesting. I don't mind laundry or sorting and folding. What bugs me is the loud racket our Electus parrot makes, often for no reason I can see. I'm writing and his perch is right beside the computer table. He has fresh, chopped vegetables, fresh pellets and water, and some millet. But he squawks and shrieks until I want to scream. And my husband wants to get another parrot. Yippie.

Florence Cronin said...

Vicki, I believe that one day we will go to the beyond and meet up with all our single-socks. They will march towards us, blocking our entrance to the pearly gates and demand to be reunited with their better half.

I had a special laundry bag and at least once a year, I'd try to make pairs of the left-overs. Or since my son never noticed, I'd send him to camp with his left-over, mismatched tube socks :)

Do you organized canned food, categories, labels out, in size order? Clothes in closets in descending order from short tops to pants? Us compulsives have a gift.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Eve! I would go crazy sorting through a sock bin and matching. You have great...fortitude. lol

Hi, Alice! Yeah, I'd be rethinking the whole second parrot thing too.

Hi, Florence! Can you imagine meeting up with the singletons? I do organized canned food, Clothes in color order and short to long sleeve. I'm compulsive????

Susi M. Nonnemacher said...

I hate matching socks! I really want to know where all the missing socks go.

I do the same thing, folding all of the landry and keeping a pile of sock until the end. The pile is usually still there when we go to bed at night, at which point my husband will help me with them just so he can get to sleep faster. Anything to get help matching up the socks! ;-)

Kelly L Lee said...

I have 2 young children and a husband, so my list of "why? why? why?" could go on and on... but here are my top 3:

1, Uber-picky eaters
2. Leaving toast crumbs in the butter
3. Dirty clothes...left EVERYWHERE. I mean, really, how does a pair of pants end up on top of the refrigerator?

Amber Skyze said...

Socks!!! Oh how I hate them. I leave them until last too.

Marsha said...

Oh, my gosh, Vicki! Boy did you hit on my hot button! What happens to the missing socks. I know they go in the washer together, but there's always one or two that escape to somewhere? DH's socks are easier, they are all black. Mine have some slight variety in blackness, navyness, and brownness! Sheesh! I hate trying to match up. I'm almost ready to toss the lot out and buy new! (I guess I should be glad that's all I really have to complain about.) Fun post and comments.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Susi! Exactly!!! The big stuff is easier. Even the cloth napkins are easier. Then there's the oh all right I'll fold the socks thing. Thank God for TV.

Hi, Kelley! Well I heard picky eating is a control thing, yet they grow up to be healthier adults. I know, my mom said I was one. But I really only don't like peas and beans.

Toast crumbs--you got me! Anyone have ideas on this?

I'd like to know how pants are on top of the fridge too. lololol

Hi, Amber! So far, everyone leaves socks for last.

Hi, Marsha! Handsome decided to go styling with the socks because that seems to be an "in" thing now. His are all black, but have patterns. Which actually makes for easier matching. Still, where are the missing ones? I did find one last week stuck to my yoga pants which I pulled from my drawer. LOLOL Thanks for commenting.

Angela Adams said...

Washing the dishes. I'll trade you -- I'll match your socks if you'll wash my dishes (smile!).

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! I dunno. I might get dishpan hands. lolol

Melissa Keir said...

Matching socks is the last thing I do with laundry too... and right before that is trying to fold the fitted bottom sheet for my bed.

I also hate dusting. My hubby doesn't think I do it right because I don't like to move all the small items and dust around!

Susan Day said...

My family are grown up so many of things children do aren't a bother any more but boy I hate having to go outside and pick up the dogs' bowls. I don't mind feeding them but I hate having to trudge outside, shake the bugs out of the bowls then trudge back in again... the dogs, of course, are highly ecstatic by this routine.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Melissa! I have a remedy for the folding sheets-wash the set you took off and put right back on. No folding involved.

I didn't like dusting until Swiffers. I don't know why. Maybe the polish and cloths? lol

Hi, Susan! My dogs would be happy to because carrying bowls means food. lol

Lyn said...

Ha! Took me a while to find the "post a comment" link.

Socks: how about using a lingerie bag to keep them together? That won't make pairs, but it will keep you from having singletons. Sometimes socks, impelled by dryer static, wind up inside pants legs. Other times, they are sucked into or at least toward the dryer exhaust hose.

You could wear boots, of course. :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Lyn! I never thought of a lingerie bag for socks. lolol, but it is definitely worth considering. I keep a drawer and do a matchy-matchy thing every now and then. Most come together nicely. Thanks for the great tip!

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