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Monday, April 06, 2015

Crafting & Creativity go hand in hand: Florence Fois' incredible Hobo bags #MFRWorg #fashion #accessories

Through writing, I've made some friends on line that are incredibly talented. Today, I present Florence Fois! a master crafter.
Take it away, Florence!!
Handbag Monday
What’s in a handbag, a purse, a clutch, a sack? What is it about women and their need to cart various parts and parcels of their life in an oddly shaped accessory?
There was a small boutique in Manhattan called simply Azuma, a place you could find odd accessories. One bag caught my fancy, a Hobo bag because it was shaped like the image of the hobo carrying a bit of material dangling off a stick. My bag was made of denim and had a blue floral lining. Long after she had frayed and could no longer carry any weight, I kept her folded in the back of a closet.

Finally, I took her from the dark space in my closet and with nimble fingers, disemboweled her. I flattened the two pieces on large parchment paper and made a pattern and then the fun began.

I started making them. Fashioned from fabric remnants, I sold dozens of them in one venue or another. I have also made hundreds of other types of bags sewn from remnants or crocheted with destashed yarn but none as much fun as my hobo bags.
A writer and a crafter, I fashion memories into stories and “stuff” … I recreate my own or someone else’s history. Stored in a trunk or hidden in a closet … a time of my life … a vintage table cloth or a broken hat box … a post card or old black and white photograph.

I have been crafting since the second grade when I decided to make all my Christmas presents. It's been a labor of love since. When the hands are busy, the mind is at peace.

Hobo Bag #1 is a mix of one pair of jeans, two denim dresses, and a blouse. I added the daisy button and the Mickey Mouse iron on patches. The bottom pocket was taken off the jeans and the tiny pocket with the daisy was on the lapel of the dress.  The criss-cross piece was from the second dress and the plaid from a blouse.

Hobo Bag #2 was made from an upholstery remnant, the lining from a half-yard remnant of wool blend. The cording was purchased by the yard at JoAnn’s.

Hobo Bag #3 is made from the same pieces as Hobo Bag #1.

Hobo Bag #4 a great find of toile remnant and a half-yard of green polished cotton, this bag was the easiest of the four to sew and one of my favorite. I took left over remnant and made two throw pillow covers I gave to a friend as a gift.

The bags measure 28” long with a 7” round bottom. Each one has one large inside pocket. 

Three years ago, I opened my first shop on Etsy.com and last February, I opened my second shop.
They are Finds of The City (now on vacation): Etsy Finds of the City

And Cottage Craft 4u: Etsy Crafts 4u
Find Florence at: Website


Florence Cronin said...

Vicki, thanks for having me as your guest on Handbag Monday. It was a fun post for me and I hope it will be so for your readers :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Florence! I love to see what others are making. I admire that you tore apart your beloved bag in order to learn how to make a new one.

Melissa Keir said...

Wow. What talent! I love the way you incorporate different pieces into the bags. All the best!

Angela Adams said...

Awesome talent!

Florence Cronin said...

Thanks so much, Melissa ... I love the idea of piecing different remnants together ... it reminds me of plotting a story :)

Florence Cronin said...

Angela, I appreciate your kind words and your visit :)

Debra Eve | Later Bloomer said...

Love seeing another part of your creative life, Florence!

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