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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Welcome to #author Michael Rivers & his book Veriliege #paranormal #thriller #WROTM #MFRWorg

BESTSELLING PARANORMAL THRILLER AUTHOR MICHEAL RIVERS won 1st Place Runner up at The Paranormal Awards 2014 and has won Supernatural Book of the Year 2012.

Micheal Rivers is the pseudonym for Mike Baugham. His Cherokee heritage prompted him to honor his great-grandfather and write under the name of Rivers. He grew up near the Outer Banks of North Carolina. His love of the sea and all it has to offer was the driving force of his first novel The Black Witch. As a child, he became aware of the supernatural world due to several experiences. A recognized authority as a paranormal investigator with more than thirty years of research, teaching classes and giving speeches provides his readers with some of his experiences woven into his paranormal thrillers. He is the lead investigator for the Smokey Mountain Ghost Trackers.

His works include supernatural thrillers, literary fiction and ghost story anthologies published by Schiffer Publishing. Micheal is a USMC veteran and served during Vietnam. The passions in his life are his wife, family, Boxer Delilah affectionately known as DeeDee, and the great outdoors.
Verliege, a chilling paranormal and international crime mystery, begins at Arlette Mansion in the mountains of West Virginia. Prisoner and author Adrian Bolt was transferred there accused of the horrific murder of his wife. She was found brutally murdered by an antique sword. His conviction by a German court was as swift as the sword that killed her. Adrian had not spoken since her death …until… Dr. James Pellitere was able to break his silence.

A deal was offered to Pellitere. Traveling to Germany with a paranormal investigative team they searched for evidence that would clear Adrian and prove him innocent. While at the castle, Pellitere is confronted by the supernatural residents. A battle begins over the secret of the nine and a prophecy is in jeopardy of becoming unfulfilled.

Find Verliege at: Amazon  B&N

Find Michael at: Website  Blog  Facebook  Twitter  Goodreads


Florence Cronin said...

Michael, I am known to pretend to be frightened of these types of stories. But the truth is that I am drawn to them. And no, I don't want to examine why.

I can say that without a single doubt I truly believe in the spirit world and their presence here. Love the blurb on your book and I am sure it will lure me into wanting to find out what happens :)

Micheal Rivers said...

Florence, the supernatural world is an exciting place. Visit it as often as possible. I'm getting ready to investigate a 100 yr old house with reportedly a lot of activity. My kind of place. Thanks for the comment.

Micheal Rivers said...

Vicki, thanks for hosting Verliege on your blog today.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Michael, and my pleasure.

Cathy McElhaney said...

Sounds really interesting! I sure do believe in the supernatural and I love these stories! This book sounds really interesting!
My husband has a co worker who does paranormal investigations also. His wife and sister are involved, too. I will stay put and read about it, thankyouverymuch! Ha ha!

Micheal Rivers said...

Cathy, it is a very interesting field. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. ~ Be The Host To Your Ghost ~

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