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Monday, April 20, 2015

Yipee! It’s Christmas in April! #handbag #accessories #shoes #fashion #romanticcomedy #mystery #MFRWorg

Handbag Monday
When I picked up my latest finished needlepoint project, I felt like Christmas in April had arrived.

I have a unique love for all things crafted and have bought many a finished needlepoint handbag on eBay and ETSY. Then I got an urge. I had to make one of my own. I did a random search on eBay for handbag canvases and this popped up:

I could do that. Just fill in the background. And I love red. I loved red poinsettias. And I’d never made a Christmas bag before—SOLD!

Here’s what happened in stages:

I took my finished canvas to my local shop to be made into a bag. I knew what size tote and handle length I wanted. The shop ladies are terrific in helping, too.

And now for the finished product:

So what do you think? Like the size? The color? Would you have picked a different background color? Would you make a handbag just for Christmas? 

Would you be surprised to learn my heroine carries handbags and loves them like I do? LOL. In case you'd like to make sure, find my romantic comedy caper, Temporarily Employed, at: Amazon


Florence Cronin said...

Merry Christmas, Vicki ... you did a fabulous job. Loved the design you started with. Red against black is dynamic ... and your local shop did a great job of making the bag.

Ho, ho, ho ... enjoy !!! :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Florence! Thank you so much. I love the black and red too. The bag is everything I wanted. So how many more months til Thanksgiving? lol

MOORKOV said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sylvia said...

So pretty! And this bag looks like you -- beautiful and unique. Love it.

Angela Adams said...

Lovely! I wish I had your talent.

vicki batman said...

Thank you sylvia!

vicki batman said...

Hi angela! I could teach you what i know!

shamsher khan said...

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