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Monday, May 11, 2015

Do you believe in Ever After? Susan Winters on #handbag Monday #contemporaryromance #princecharming #MFRWorg #accessories

What kind of handbag does a corporate paralegal and writer carry?

Handbag Monday

My favorite purse is a Coach wristlet given to me by my former boss as a farewell gift. The wristlet is a snazzy convertible among my SUV-sized every-day bags. With just enough room for my license and lip gloss, it is perfect for a night out on the town without being weighed down by all the usual necessities.

I just love this bag, Susan! I like to carry a wristlet at evening events or on special dates with Handsome. However, they can hold the necessities and fit very nicely in a larger tote, too. Well done!

Roz Parker is worried by her husband’s moodiness and frequent trips to the gym. Is Dave on the treadmill or simply running around?
While her husband is away on business, Eden Jones discovers that their accounts have been completely wiped out. Will Alan return or has he disappeared along with all of their money?
In the face of crisis two childhood friends re-ignite their friendship and discover which magic truly lasts. 

Find Susan at: Susan

Find Ever After at: Amazon

Do you believe in ever after? 


Melissa Keir said...

What a pretty bag. I love the idea of your story. Too often I complain about how Fairy Tales made me wish for a Prince but never showed me how to live with him once I got him!

vicki batman said...

LOL, Melissa! That's the hard part. Did you see Into the Woods? Once the prince found Rapunzel, he had affairs. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Too true, after the wedding bell have rung is when the challenge begins. Thanks for stopping by!

I loved it when Prince Charming said" I was raised to be charming, not sincere." thanks so much for having me as a guest.

Florence Cronin said...

Hi, Susan. Love the bag. A convenient way to carry only the essentials.

The book blurb is a great tease. And it too, has all the essentials ... for a good story that is :)

Angela Adams said...

Great lookin' bag!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I like to travel light when I'm out on the town don't you?

Unfortunately, my daughter loves my wristlet too so I have to keep it stashed!

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