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Friday, May 08, 2015

Have you ever been Naked and Afraid? #television #MFRWorg #RLFblog #realitysurviving

Last year, while scrolling through some channels, I landed on Naked and Afraid. I am a huge Survivor fan and like Survivorman too. So no brainer--right?

This show is about a woman and a man who already have strong survivor skills. They are taken to a remote area with only one thing. Often, the people choose a machete, pot, or firestarter. Once they land, they strip to nothing except for their item and a burlap-type bag. 

The couple (not romantic) have to make a shelter, find potable water, food, and start a fire. They live for so many days in their location and then with the aid of the map, move to the extraction point. They are removed via boat, plane, or helicopter. 

The weather could be blazing hot or constant rain. The constant rain impedes the fire making. The hot weather dehydrates. Finding eatable food is difficult.

Sometimes, they fashion clothing from the vegetation, especially a hat. Sometimes, they try mushrooms and that's bad. They've had cuts, blisters, bad food, high fevers and one lady passed out and was unresponsive. She was rushed to the hospital. Occasionally, a contestant drops out, leaving the partner to complete the task along. 

Yeah, I can't see myself doing this. Could you be on Survivor or Naked and Afraid?


Cathy McElhaney said...

Not a chance! LOL! I am too pampered! BUT if the money were right..I might do it to be the first to leave! Someone has to do it, right?? Not sure I would do the naked part though. I am too self conscious!

Florence Cronin said...

Never, never, Vicki. The only way I'd allow myself to be naked and afraid is in the shower of a strange motel (visions of Psycho ). Years after I watched that movie I could not take a shower in my own apartment without leaving the curtain open a bit.

What on earth and how much $$ possesses someone to do something like this?

vicki batman said...

Im w you girls. Especially the naked pArt .

Sylvia McDaniel said...

We watch both of these shows and love both of them. But I would never be on Naked and Afraid. I'm not going naked in front of a bunch of strangers. There are camera crews there and the thought of being naked in front of them...no. Survivor, if I was in my 20's, thin, beautiful and conniving, yeah I'd be on there.

vicki batman said...

Im w you sylvia

Angela Adams said...


vicki batman said...

Really angela? Dont you want to think about it?

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