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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

author Stephanie Queen: Have you discovered the Season of Love? #MFRWorg #RLFblog #fashion #accessories

Handbag Monday  

Thank you so much for inviting me to talk about my handbag!

If you guessed it was the shocking electric blue color of this bag that drew me to it, then Bingo! You’re not color blind! It was the color and it was the size.  (Where have I heard that about size before?)

So taken with this bag was I when I bought it last spring (a whole year ago now) that I proceeded to go out and buy new clothes to match it—an entire wardrobe in fact. First a blue and white striped top. No big deal. Then electric blue pants. Okay. But it was the hours of searching online for just the right sandals to match that blue that gave me pause. But only for a minute. Then I proceeded to run with the bold blue wardrobe theme until here I am now, able to wear my shocking electric blue bag every day of the week without a care about clashing with my clothes.

I am happy. With my bag.

Oh Stephanie, I would wear this blue with absolutely everything and not give a darn! Good choice!!

One of the novellas in the Season of Love Boxed Set
Beachcomber Valentine, a Beachcomber Investigations Novella 

Ex military special ops legend Dane Blaise and ex Scotland Yard investigator, the gorgeous Shana George, team up to find the long lost love of a mystery client In this fluffy assignment their only concern is flirting with the dangers of romance and Cupid. 

But of course there's more to this easy-money case than the rekindling an old flame. Once Dane and Shana find out that the "lost love" is involved with an FBI sting--and their best friend, state cop Captain Lynch--their suspicions kick into high gear. 

Dane and Shana end up with far more than a dinner date on Valentines Day...

Buy Link:  Amazon
Website:  Stephanie Queen

Would electric blue be a favorite handbag color for you? 


Cathy McElhaney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cathy McElhaney said...

While this handbag is very pretty and I DO like blue...I prefer neutral tones in hand bags. I am not very fashion coordinated, so I stick with 'safe', LOL!
The excerpt sounds interesting...I will have to find it for my Kindle!

vicki batman said...

No color, Cathy! That's where I go with color is in handbags, and more neutral clothing. lolol

Stephanie Queen said...

Cathy, I know what you mean!
It was a bold move for me to go with a bold color!

I attribute it to my advanced... level of confidence!

If you try Seasons of Love you'll get 5 stories for the price of one!

Angela Adams said...

Cool shade of blue!

Stephanie Queen said...

Thanks, Angela! I love that Bold Blue.
Probably too cool for me, but I embrace it anyway!

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