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Monday, June 08, 2015

#handbag Monday guest author Pamela Aares: The Heart of the Game #baseball #MichaelKorshandbag #accessories #MFRWorg

Handbag Monday with
Pamela Aares!
The Heart of the Handbag
I've never had a real handbag before this one. My husband bought it for me for my birthday last year. His sister once ran a darling boutique in Santa Ynez and she helped me choose it. 
I needed a handbag that would work for the country- we live on a small farm in Sonoma County and my 'city duds' are stored deep in a closet perhaps only to be pulled out for a few parties or evening events in San Francisco. I wanted a bag that would be a country and yet a bit 'blingy' so that the bag itself would serve as a dress up accessory to my jeans and ever-present bulky sweaters for the foggy days. What do you think? Did my sister-in-law hit the mark? In any case, when I strap the handbag across my shoulder and head out, I feel enveloped in love. And that's a wonderful feeling!

Pam, your hubby did great. 

Speaking of the Heart of the Handbag, my latest release, THE HEART OF THE GAME is out now.

Cody Bond’s life has never been anything but tough. He left the rodeo circuit to become an MLB catcher and won’t let anything―not his wreck of a family or intimate relationships―interfere with his success. When a charity polo match, and Zoe Tavonesi, the beautiful cousin of a teammate, convince him to get back in the saddle, he realizes his catcher’s gear protects him on the field, but it can’t protect him from the desire Zoe awakens.

Get it at any vendor and here's the kindle link:  Amazon Kindle

Adventure, romance, and a hot baseball jock. Hello! …What’s not to love? It’s truly a love story you will swoon over.~ Worth the Read Reviews

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Pam: I read --I think-- your first in this series and loved it! Thank you for showing off your handbag and your new book on Handbag Monday!


Angela Adams said...

I'm a big baseball fan, Pamela, and this book is definitely worth checking out! Thanks for the post!!

Cathy McElhaney said...

I am not a handbag person (I know, Vicki, I know) but I LOVE that one! When I find one I like I usually wear it out, LOL!
The story sounds great! I will have to add it to my wish list!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Pamela! and welcome to Handbag Monday. Did I say how much I love baseball? My youngest played from age 5 to 14. Then he took up martial arts.

stanalei said...

Love the handbag and the story sounds awesome, Pamela!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Thank you for visiting with us, Stanalei!

Pamela Aares said...

I am so touched by all these wonderful comments-- I don't know how to reply to each, so I'll reply here--first off, the first book in th series LOVE BATS LAST is FREE-- you can get it at

And thanks for the comments about the handbag.It is a Michael Kors and it was on sale. I'm so glad my sister-in-law helped me-- who knows what I might have ended up with.

I hope all of you have a wonderful spring day-- I am lucky- my stepdaughter is visiting with her beau and they picked fresh from the garden golden raspberries and blueberries for our pancakes this morning-- Love and yum!

Best, Pamela

Unknown said...

I'm so picky about my handbags, but I love that one! Love the sound of the book too!

Melissa Keir said...

Your handbag looks perfect for me. I love that you can put more than two tubes of lipstick into it!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Red! You picky? I'm going to have to see this.

Hi, Melissa! Your comment has me laughing. Thanks for posting, ladies.

Unknown said...

This leather bag is pretty awesome. I like its color very much. This color is suitable for each and every type of dress. I am thinking that I must have this bag.

Vicki Batman said...

Hi, Lara! It is perfect. I wonder if it comes in red? Thanks for posting!