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Friday, June 05, 2015

Yummy chocolate! Stacy Hoff shares Chocoball & Season of Love #boxedset #anthology #MFRWorg #RLFblog

Welcome to another Season of Love author, Stacy Hoff!

In honor of my short story, Love Delights, appearing in the newly released romance box set, Season of Love, I whipped up this chocolate treat. I was in the mood to create a brand new dessert since my story is all about the hero and the heroine (ex-lovers) having to compete for a winning ad campaign for a gourmet chocolatier. I actually grew the mini-strawberries surrounding the chocolate marble. How does it all look? 

Chocolate marbles are my take on the type of desserts that would be made by the Love Delights chocolate company. My marbles, though, are much simpler than the succulent, decadent, bonbons I envisioned for my story. Still, the real-life versions are tasty and take less than two minutes to make. Just melt some chocolate chips on a very low flame. When the chocolate is warm and tacky in texture, add a small dash of vanilla, and then ball up the mixture in your hands. Viola! Their fudgy-goodness is ready immediately. Add anything on top of them, from confectioners sugar to colorful sugar crystals. You can pair your marbles" with fruit or ice-cream (especially when the chocolate marbles are still warm). Yum!
Love Delights 

Short story in the romance box set Season of Love by Stacy Hoff

Two co-workers and former lovers vie for the same job promotion in their NYC advertising agency. The agency's next Creative Director will be the one who pitches the better ad campaign to a major potential client, Love Delights, a gourmet chocolatier. Too bad they both need more time, and each others' help, to come up with the perfect pitch.
Can they win over the client? And each other? Because this Valentines Day, the agency's finances and their hearts are on the line.

Find Season of Love at: Amazon
Find Stacy Hoff at: Website  Facebook   Twitter  Nights of Passion

Have you ever made up any recipes? What inspired you?

Join the Season of Love authors on Facebook for their June 5 party from 7-9pm! Chats, giveaways, and tons of fun at:   Season of Love


Angela Adams said...

I love anything chocolate!

Cathy McElhaney said...

I have often made up recipes, just to try something a little different. One day I cut up chicken, cooked in broth with some garlic, thickened the gravy and served it with rice...my then 8 year old son said "ROADKILL! I LOVE ROADKILL"! It turns out his friends dad made a similar meal when my son stayed over and all the kids turned there nose's up until he told them it was roadkill, shut up and eat it! He later told me that he had to make something else for his wife because the kids proceeded to finish every last drop! Ha ha!
I am now going to have to get creative with a vegetarian lifestyle...because I don't like beans or most vegetables...so I have to come up with some new things!

Joanne Guidoccio said...

These chocolate marbles sound delicious! And so easy to make. Thanks for sharing, Stacy :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Stacy! Wonderful to have you share your recipe with us. I am with Angela - I love anything chocolate. Congratulations on Season of Love.

stacy hoff said...

So glad everyone is with me in loving chocolate! I'd love to connect with all of you! Please condier going the FB party tonight. You can also find me on social media as: authorStacyhoff.

Florence Cronin said...

Yummy, Stacy ... I love chocolate and your recipe is divine and so, so easy. I do a variation of brownies.

Use any brownie recipe. Substitute maraschino cherry juice for the water ... then take crushed (mini food processor) cherries and add one half cup of those and one half cup of chocolate bits. Make the recipe using the extra egg (like the cake version) and bake as per instructions in two small square or round tins.

When they are done, you can slice carefully to make four small layers. Fill each layer and the top with buttercream and top with a few whole cherries.

It makes a decadent tiny cake and is totally addictive :) as I am sure yours is ... not to mention your delectable story :)

Joy Smith said...

The balls look yummy--and a bit sexy.

vicki batman said...

OMG, Florence! that sounds delicious. My aunt gave me a recipe for a cherry chocolate cake that uses pie filling. Yummy.

Gerri Brousseau said...

Looks delish!

Stacy Hoff said...

I love these comments, and the recipe! I'm stuck between laughing out loud and wanting to bake!
I wish Blogger was letting me respond to everyone individually, but it won't for some reason. :(

Melissa Keir said...

That sounds yummy and easy to make. I wonder if we can do it with white chocolate bits and put it on chocolate ice cream!! Now I'm hungry! Love the cover of the book bundle! All the best!

shamsher khan said...

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Stacy Hoff said...

I love this blog, and so appreciate this chance to have been on. The feedback from all of you readers has given me a perma-grin. Thank you! And big thanks to Vicki Batman for making the Facebook event party we had last night the most fun ever! Count me lucky.

Yours in chocolate & romance,

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