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Friday, June 26, 2015

@VickiBatman - The Top Ten, er, Two Top Tens!!! #movieaddict #MFRWorg #warfilms

The Top Ten, er...Two Top Tens!!!

On Facebook, someone is always posting something about movies or great lines from movies, and I often respond to these topics as I LOVE movies. So when someone mentioned their top ten movie list, I wondered what my top ten are.
I thought about what would make my list. I decided the Number One factor is if the movie is on TV, would I automatically tune in? Would I watch because I love it and every single time I see it, I get the same what a wonderful film feeling?
I found I have a Top Twenty or Two Top Tens. In no specific order:

Mr. Roberts – the making scotch scene is hilarious and William Powell’s last       
It’s a Wonderful Life

Stalag 17 – William Holden is brilliant.

Sixteen Candles
Breakfast Club
Philadelphia Story – “C K Dexter Haaavvveeen” scene and Cary Grant

White Christmas – great songs
Raiders of the Lost Ark –Did you see it FOUR times when it was released?

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Love Actually
His Girl Friday – the snappiest dialogue ever and irresistible Cary Grant

Man Who Shot Liberty Valance – there’s a real conundrum in this one

Rebecca –I often pontificate on this gothic mystery.
Rear Window – a peeping photographer sees a murder
The Quiet Man – John Wayne should have won an Oscar for this one.
The Thin Man

So what did I discover about my list?
6 Christmas-ish movies
4 War films
2 by director John Hughes
3 by director John Ford
2 by director Alfred Hitchcock
2 featuring Cary Grant
2 featuring William Powell – yup, big fan
Some are funny.
Some are mysterious.
Some are adventurous.

Please share your top three!

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Angela Adams said...

I watched one of my favorites last night, "Field of Dreams!"

Stephen Batman said...

That is a very good movie

Florence Cronin said...

Vicki, in no particular order and remembering that, like you, I have dozens of favs.
Old, older, oldest:

It's A Wonderful Life
The Thin Man Series
The Philadelphia Story (Grant and Hepburn --- wow)
Now Voyager
A Letter to Three Wives
Cheaper by the Dozen
African Queen
Key Largo
An Affair to Remember

New, newer, latest new:

Sophie's Choice
The Hustler
The Big Chill
Terms of Endearment
The Color Purple
The Sound of Music
All five Indiana Jones
The Verdict
The Grand Budapest Hotel

And there are so, so many more !! :)

Stephen Batman said...

Hi brock! What are your favs!

Florence- those are so good and i like how you divided them. He thinman is a personal fav!

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