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Friday, September 11, 2015

A Day Like No Other #911 #USA #RssosSisters #MFRWorg #America

I've never written much about what I experienced on 9-11. It seemed inadequate compared to others, especially those who lived on the East Coast. So here's my story:

I'd taken my boys to school. I had some laundry to fold; so I turned on the TV morning show for accompaniment while I did my chore. The male anchor reported that a plane had smashed into Tower 1 and that brought to mind the story my neighbors' shared about a plane crashing into the Empire State Building on the day they married. 

Handsome phoned from out of town and we talked a bit about what had taken place, neither of us comprehending. After he hung up, I continued to fold and listen to the program and then, right in front of my eyes, another plane crashed. 

My heart stopped. One plane might be accidental. 

The news reported the second aircraft and my hand covered my mouth. My insides twisted. 

Two was not.

And then the towers fell. I phoned Handsome. 

All kinds of stuff began to happen. Sirens, people rushing, smoke, crying. No one knew anything. No one knew what to think.

The horror is still incomprehensible. 

A year later, I visited the site. I wound my fingers into the chain length fencing and stared. Unbelievable. My thoughts were broken when I heard sobbing. Nearby stood groups of people who had come to honor those who had passed. Someone began to pray and I closed my eyes and prayed too. 

I prayed for my family, my friends. I prayed for those who died. I prayed for those who lost loved ones. I prayed for our nation--one, and indivisible. 

Long may she wave. 


Angela Adams said...

Very touching post...

vicki batman said...

Thank you, Angela! I was pretty sobby the day I visited and my heart hurt so.

Cathy McElhaney said...

I remember so much about that day. The thing that sticks with me is talking to my mom on the phone in Pittsburgh and hearing the news through the phone from HER tv about the plane going down in Shanksville. That is very close to where our family reunions were held. I learned the next day that my 1 cousin was in a building across the street from WTC when this happened. He watched people jumping to their deaths and told his guys to get out of there (he was a supervisor on a construction project). He is a runner and runs marathons with his wife and it's a good thing! He ran for miles and miles that day to escape the rubble, but could not get back to his home in NJ until late at night. His brother in law had just left the Pentagon when the plane hit there and my aunt would have been driving right past there on her way to work if she hadn't gotten a phone call from a friend telling her to turn on the TV. She knew her son was working right by there. I could not imagine being in her shoes!

Carolyn Martin said...

Brought tears to my eyes reliving that day. I remember it so well and still hurt for those who lost their lives, those who lost loved ones and those who gave of themselves to help during this tragic, tragic time in America. Love my country and am proud to be an American.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Cathy! And thank you for sharing. I can't imagine. Thankfully, your family and friends were spared. Hugs.

Hi, Carolyn, I love my country too and am so happy to say American. I just saw the coolest sight--a runner doing his thing for the day, but he carried an American flag. Hugs to you.

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