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Monday, October 05, 2015

#Handbag Monday's guest is #author Darlene De Luca with a dotty bag & a book! #fashion #shoes #MFRWorg #RssosSisters

Handbag Monday welcomes
...Darlene De Luca

This is one of my favorite handbags. It’s small, so I don’t use it often. I’m one of those women who carry everything – not only my own stuff, but emergency bandages and tissues and pens for everyone else, too. (For those of you who remember Let’s Make a Deal, I’m pretty sure I could’ve been a big winner!) 

This little gem is also my only Kate Spade purse, or designer purse of any kind, and it’s one of my favorite colors. I love yellow. It’s fun and cheery, and the big yellow circles on the bag are like sunshine on a bright summer day. Summer also happens to be my favorite season, so I guess you could say this one little bag combines a few of my favorite things! 

But the bag is special for one other reason – it belonged to my mother-in-law who died about ten years ago. She and I had very different tastes in clothing. Her style ran more toward Southwestern with bold patterns, and big, chunky silver belts and jewelry, most of which I could never wear. So when we were sorting through her closets after her death, I was delighted to find the darling yellow purse. No surprise that it was in mint condition – it just wasn’t her. But it’s definitely me! I’m happy to own and continue to use something that suits my style and also reminds me of her.

Clashing over the fate of a historic building, Jennifer Aukland and Michael Reynolds are on course to become adversaries. She’s an architect devoted to green building and restoration. He’s a developer hell-bent on ripping down the old hotel she’s racing to save to make way for a new casino.

Chemistry leads to compromise, and for a time, they’re on the same team. Jennifer adds Michael – and marriage – to her safe and steady plan for the future. But when Michael throws caution aside and lands in a life-threatening situation, Jennifer’s world comes crashing down. In her family, she’s learned that recklessness leads to tragedy. She must decide if she can commit her life to someone who takes unnecessary risks with his. Will she take control of her own destiny, even if it means leaving Michael behind? Or will she risk everything for love?

She whirled around, out of his grasp. “Let’s don’t play games. You know what I’m talking about.” Bright eyes pleaded with him. “Don’t get involved in this project. Please.”
“Please,” Michael repeated, his voice low and silky. “You’ve said that twice now. You mean please like when I asked you to talk to me?”
“There’s nothing more to say, and you know it.”
“I disagree. I think we have a whole lot to talk about.”
Her head dropped into her hands. “We are not having a conversation about the past. It’s over and done. You have no right to interfere in my career, Michael.”
“That’s not my intent.”
“Then what is it?” Jennifer cried. “I don’t understand. What do you want?”
The silence was deafening, and Jennifer’s chest heaved while she waited.
His eyes locked onto hers. “I want you to remember what we had.”
The blood drained from her face.

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Darlene, did you know I just adore Kate Spade and nothing could be better than Kate Spade and polka dots!!! Thanks for being with me today!


jmmaurer said...

That is a cute little gem, and love your book cover too. All the best to you, Darlene. :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Darlene! I love the huge ring on your cover. And the dots on the bag. LOL. I LOVE polka dots.

darlene deluca said...

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today, Vicki! I love the dots, too. And that ring? I've noticed women on Pinterest pinning it to their "bling" and
"wedding" boards! :-)

Melissa Keir said...

What a sweet memento of your mother-in-law. I love the color too! I can see it going perfectly with a black coat out to dinner or the theater!

Angela Adams said...

Cool lookin bag!

Cathy McElhaney said...

I like the bag, too! Sorry I am a day late, lol! The excerpt sounds great!

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