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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Hoochie Coochie Girls #householdjunk #agingparents #souveniers #viewfinders

Last July, my dad passed away, and in November, so did my mom. They had lived in their home for 57 years—a very long time. Both of them were Depression Era babies, and the value of saving and not wasting anything was instilled. The keep it because someone might need it idea was what the generation lived by.

Last weekend, my sisters and other family members gathered at our childhood home and began to weed through the contents. Financial docs were saved. Items each of us specifically wanted were set aside. Cupboards cleaned out. Contents taken from bathrooms, bedrooms, hall closets were sorted for the Disabled Veterans store or went to the trash. The attics got special attention, too. Anyone need four fans? Or six Dremels?
Then we tackled the garage. Pops saved way too much under the someone might need it umbrella. Drawer contents were dumped into old shoe boxes for sorting. People claimed tools, and stuff identified for a second look was placed on a table.

My brother-i-law and I sorted shoe boxes of household junk. I picked up a long tube which looked as if toothpicks would have been stored inside it. Dangling from the same chain was something else. I collect Viewmasters and single shot viewfinders.
I suspected the item was indeed a single shot one and peeked through the clear end. “What??!!!” I looked at the device and lifted it to my eyes again. I laughed. My B-I-L said, “What is it?” I said, “This will make your day,” and passed it to him. His laugh was loud and drew the family’s attention. “What is it?” “A viewfinder.” We all had a look.

The truth is I never thought my dad would have one with hoochie coochie girls. LOL. I’m betting it was a Navy thing.

The three women in the pix had bare chests with sombreros strategically placed over their thigh juncture. Curls of blonde hair artfully arranged on their heads. Three legs in a matching jaunty pose. Worthy of a second look.

Yeah, everyone wanted this treasure.
Have you ever found a treasure that really surprised you?
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Angela Adams said...

My condolences on losing such precious family members. My mother has a beautiful wood chest, where she keeps her treasures (I know all of my elementary school class photos are in there), and tells us no one is allowed in there until we're cleaning out the house. I've been curious for years over what she could possibly keep.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! Thank you. It has been interesting sorting; however, I wished she had given things away sooner so she could have seen the recipient enjoy them.

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