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Monday, June 20, 2016

Handbag &Book When I thought I'd use it for one thing & was best used for another #RLFblog #Rssos #MFRWorg #travelingbyplane

Handbag & Book with Vicki

I've been fortunate to be able to travel. Many years ago, I bought two of everything-curling iron, hair dryer, umbrella, makeup and kept one in a special drawer all ready to go. I also include my Kindle, iPAD, Nano, a pashmina, and snacks in a bag for a snatch and grab and go.

But since the airlines have added baggage fees, more people carry on (a lot that's way too big) their luggage and store overhead in the bins. Since we are allowed one carry on and one for under the seats and I don't want to use the overhead, I had to find a special bag to fit under the seat which I can put my handbag in.

And there it was in my closet on a top shelf:

I bought this bag from L. L. Bean with the intent of using as a diaper bag when #1 son was born. That quickly changed because when loaded, it was heavy. The bag is made of canvas with two side pockets perfect for drinks and a smaller pocket inside. It has a lot of room for my stuff and yes, I can put my handbag inside and all will easily fit under the seat.

It doesn't zip or snap shut which means stuff could escape, especially on the security conveyor belt. But you know, nothing has!

Sometimes, I put things I buy in the bag for carry on and nothing has happened to it. I just LIKE the tote.

Do you have a specific tote you carry on the plane?

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Liese said...

I got a backpack with wheels. That way, I can either carry it without using hands or roll it. Never thought about keeping it equipped for an instant trip! A clever idea!


vicki batman said...

Hi, Liese! I like a backpack with wheels and have used Handsome's briefcase with wheels to transport books for a signing. Pretty handy.

Pamela Stone said...

I worked for AA for years and did a lot of travel. We took a family of 4 to Hawaii for a week with only carry on bags. Not bad since summer clothes are small. Ha. But we all had small roller bags that fit easily either in the overhead or under our seats. Non-reving typically means you're the last ones on a plane, so most of the time, they were under our seats. I have a fold out makeup/medication/toothpaste bag with small containers of everything in it. If need be, I am the queen of traveling light. Small roller bags are the only way to travel.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Pam! I do have a very large bag I travel with when gone for a week. I guess I'm paranoid about running out of hairspray and good shampoo because I pack it with the big bottles. And the make up bags. I'll be using it soon. LOL

Charlotte O'Shay said...

Best bag ever for travel a black Le Sportsac. Light weight and looks clean. Nice strong zipper. Only negative no padding for a laptop. So I use an iPad with a case.

Melissa Keir said...

I travel to San Antonio for a book signing weekend each year with only carryons. One is for the overhead and the other is my computer bag/purse. I just put my wallet in it and it's great to go. I love being able to use things again and again!

Zara West said...

I have done a lot of traveling and even before the baggage limits only took carry ons. The trick is to take easy-to-handwash and dry clothing. In the winter, you can wear your heavy stuff onto the plane and I always wear my hiking boots on the flight. (My husband is an anthropologist and we rough it a bit). Just don't do what I did. One time when we had been away for over a year and had filled our carry ons with notes and souvenir rocks (I collect rocks from everywhere we go) I convinced my husband we should put on ALL our clothes including our six pair of underwear and 6 T-shirts, etc. We were planning to shed and stuff everything in a plastic bag once we got on the plane. The idea would have worked fine except our flight was delayed 12 hours and the airline treated all the passengers to a lovely dinner at a German beer garden! Talk about being uncomfortable!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Charlotte! I have a sportsac crossbody bag and love it! Good recommendation.

Hi, Melissa! It's so nice to have something dependable. Hugs!

Hi, Zara! Oh yikes. I try to carry on one pair of undies for those "unusual" circumstances.

Angela Adams said...

I could use that bag as my "everyday" bag.

Liz Flaherty said...

I love Zara's story! I only fly when I absolutely have to, largely because of the luggage nightmare, so have nothing to add, but I enjoyed the post and the ideas here.

Ilona Fridl said...

It's been a while since I traveled by plane, but I always carried light. I had a small cloth case that I carried a change of clothes and needed things. I never checked a bag.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! It's pretty big but wonderful as a tote.

Hi, Liz. I think Zara and her rocks are so much fun. I'm glad you like my stuff. Hugs!

Hi, Ilona! I pretty much always check a bag. A lot of my travels involve changes of clothing for evening/dinner events. And there is the hairspray issue. :)

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