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Thursday, June 23, 2016

75 Years & Counting: My love for M&Ms #MFRWorg #chocolatecandy #RssosSisters #romantic comedy

Seventy-five years and Counting
Each Sunday after lunch, my family and I visited my grandparents. Our first stop was to my dad’s parent’s house, an old prairie-styled home on a street lined with others similar to it. While my parents chatted with my grandparents, my sisters and I climbed the trees in the parkway, jumped off the front porch railing, and sang songs. As we departed, my grandmother gave each of us a quarter and a package of M&Ms, sometimes plain, sometimes peanut.
And thus began my love for the coated chocolate candies with peanuts inside.
This year, M&Ms celebrates 75 years. Here are some tidbits:

1. Forrest Mars created his recipe during the Spanish Civil War, and patented in 1941.
2. M&Ms were first packaged in cardboard tubes
3. In 1954, peanut M&Ms were introduced
4. In 1954, the slogan "The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”
For more information, go to: Inventors M&M
When my romantic comedy mystery, Temporarily Employed, launched a friend gave me this:

Why? Because my heroine loves M&Ms. Here’s an excerpt: about her chocolate obsession:

However, lately, my mind had been occupied with other significant matters, items like the necessities of life: Finding employment, paying overdue bills, and, more importantly, procuring much-coveted peanut M&Ms. Now, I was sure to get a stupid-stupid-stupid citation and missing taillights and bumper to add to the equation. At the rate things were headed, I’d have to ditch the chocolate and move in with Mom and Dad. My body shuddered.

Find Temporarily Employed at: Amazon

So Happy Birthday, M&Ms! Long may you reign and satisfy my chocolate needs.
What’s your favorite variety?


Angela Adams said...

That is so cute! I had no idea M&Ms were that old!! And, they're still going strong!!!

kathryn jane said...

Before new allergies nixed all things candy, I had a Pretzel M&M addiction :) Oh how I miss that salty crunch of sweetness!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! I know. And I thought it interesting how the candy got its beginnings.

Hi, Kathryn! Oh dear, an allergy is not fun. I like the pretzel ones too. The original candies were made with Hershey chocolate. I wish I could have tasted those. I don't think the chocolate in them today is great. It's more like chocolate coating. Thanks for stopping.

Linda Tillis said...

Why my favorite is with peanuts, of course! What a sweet memory of your grandparents. Thanks for sharing, gave me a smile.

Marianne Stephens said...

Lots of new types, but I like the original best!
Keep going strong, M&Ms!
When I was in High School, my friend always sat in front of me in study hall...alphabetical order WAY back then! We used to pass M&Ms to each other and never got caught.

Melissa Keir said...

I'm a peanut girl. I love the ones with the nuts and with the peanut butter. I survived on them for breakfast many a morning teaching!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Linda! So glad you found the post. My grandparents did a fun thing for us and maybe I can spoil some kiddoes one day, too. Hugs!

Hi, Marianne! An original girl!! I like your passing in class. What a special memory you have.

Hi, Melissa! I'd have to have more than one package for breakfast to survive. LOLOL

Sandra Dailey said...

My favorite is dark chocolate. I love finding things that are older than me.

vicki batman said...

Ha! Sandra Dailey. That is very funny. I haven't had the dark chocolate ones in a while. Here's my confession: I'm avoiding chocolate as I just don't eat one. More like ten kisses yesterday and the day before that!!

Liese said...

I had no idea they were 75 years old! I agree with Sandra. So good to know there are things surviving out there older than me!


vicki batman said...

Hi, Liese! Well, aren't there lots of things older than us? LOLOL

Joanne Guidoccio said...

Hi Vicki, Love the back story...so reassuring to that some products can survive 75 years. Love chocolate in any form! :)

Marsha said...

Hey, Vicki. Loved this post. My favoirtie M & Ms have peanuts. After I retired and when I really dug in to get serious about writing, I kept a dish of those little dears near. They really helped my creativity. No so much my waistline. LOL
Now I use restraint and only buy them at Christmas for our stockings. I was astounded to learn peanuts were added in the 50s. I didn't become aware until my kids were little. I shared. :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Joanne! There are a lot of other tidbits on their site. I'm with you--loving chocolate in any form. I pretty much partied on it for two days when I was notified my short story won a contest. LOL

Hi, Marsha! I learned not to have treats by my computer as I would gobble and gobble and gobble, too.

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