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Monday, July 25, 2016

What is a girl's best friend? Ask Kryssie Fortune #Rssos #RB4U #accessories #diamond

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so Marilyn Monroe sang. However, some are best left well alone—the Hope Diamond among them. It’s early history is veiled in mystery.

Hope Diamond.jpg

Legend states that in 1642 Jean Baptiste Tavernier travelled to India and stole an enormous diamond from the statue of the Hindu Goddess, Sita. He returned to France where Louis XlV—the Sun King—bought the diamond. Later, on a trip to Russia Tavernier was torn apart by wild dogs.

The Sun King ordered the diamond recut to show off its brilliance. It became part of the French crown jewels and was known as the Blue Diamond of the Crown. 78 years later, Louis VX had it recut to make a decoration for the Order of the Golden Fleece. During the French revolution, both he and his wife, Marie Antoinette were beheaded and looters stole the French crown jewels.

Some believe King George lV – formerly known as the Prince Regent—bought the gem. He was so heavily in debt when he died that the gem was sold to help pay his bills.


Wilhelm Fals was a Dutch jeweler who recut the diamond again. His son ended up murdering him and then killing himself.

Greek merchant Simon Maoncharides owned the diamond for a while. He drove his car over a cliff and killed himself, his wife, and his child.

 After Evalyn Walsh McLean, wore the diamond, her mother-in-law died, her son died at the age of nine, her husband left her for another woman and Evalyn later died in a mental hospital. Her daughter died of a drug overdose at 25 and she eventually had to sell her newspaper the Washington Post - and died owing huge debts.

Her surviving family sold the diamond to Harry Winston. Nine years later, in 1958 he mailed the gem to the Smithsonian for $2.44 in postage and $155 insurance.

Sita - Hindu Goddess of virtue. She is the daughter of the earth and the personification of womanly ideals in Hindu society.: James Todd, the mailman who delivered the diamond to the Smithsonian, apparently had his leg crushed in a truck accident shortly thereafter. He also suffered a head injury in a separate accident. Add in that his house burned down and you have to wonder if the Hindu Goddess, Sita, the diamond once belonged to is out for revenge.

So, what’s my interest in diamonds?

My next book, Dominated By The Dragon, revolves around a dragon shifter and the heiress to a diamond company. And guess what? She’s called Hope.

Please note, the book isn’t available until Thursday 28th July.
A former super soldier turned dragon demon must choose between his soul mate and saving the world from a nuclear winter. 

The British army’s nuclear testing bonded a dragon into Flynn Hemsworth’s soul. Military scientists vivisected and tortured him until he escaped two years later. Although he’s never aged, he’s been alone and on the run for almost six decades. When he prevents a naked woman from being the prize lot in a coven’s slave auction, he realizes she has an unexplored submissive streak.

Hope Mathews—a sassy blonde with killer keyboard skills—is a strong independent woman. When Flynn prevents her being sold to a demon, she discovers she enjoys spankings and light bondage.

Together Hope and Flynn must shut down a coven of black magicians, rescue kidnapped demons, and stop a black ops nuclear missile hitting the UK. Even if they manage all that, Hope’s the granddaughter of a billionaire while Flynn’s still on the run from the military who want to dissect him again. Can they find common ground and build a life together? 

Reader Advisory: Contains explicit language, a virginal heroine who discovers she enjoys spanking and bondage. Add in some serious dragon demon loving, light the blue touch paper, stand back, and watch the sparks fly. 

PUBLISHER NOTE: Paranormal BDSM Romance – 63,094 words. BDSM, Exhibitionism, Orgies and Spanking.

Find Dominated by the Dragon at: Luminosity  Amazon US All Romance



Kryssie Fortune said...

HI Vicki. Thanks for hosting me. It's great to be here, and thanks making my post look so good.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Kryssie! And Thank YOU!! for sharing the Hope diamond story.

Angela Adams said...

Interesting background on "that diamond." It's a novel in itself. Thanks for the post.

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