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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Craftmaster - Finding old stuff in the parent's home #SOS #RB4U #MFRWorg #amcrafting

While cleaning out my parents’ garage with family, a brother in law unearthed a picture wrapped in white paper, rectanglular in shape. Passed to me to determine if giveaway or have siblings look at, I folded back the paper and squealed. My sisters came running. We found the crushed rock and gravel picture my mom had made.

This picture hung above the china cabinet in the dining room for many, many years. Then Mom replaced it with a homey scene. I guess I didn’t notice it was gone for a long while and when I did, thought she’d donated it (along with the horse head lamps).

Here’s what we found: 

The scene is Oriental, a pagoda and tree. This one is unique because the leaves are tiles as are parts of the pagoda. A braided piece was glued and pinned, then specifically marked gravel was put in the section. 


I did some online research and found these craft kits were made by Mosette in the fifties and sixties. The subject matter of the gravel ones crossed the span of popular television characters, animals, the Last Supper, to exotic dancers. Craft Master manufactured paint by number kits as well. Most were sold through hobby and five and dime stores. Over the last ten plus years, I’ve seen many finished pictures at flea and antique malls. One even had tiny lights in it.

Kits came in many shapes and subject matter. Here’s a link on:  eBay

When I took this picture home, I had no idea what I’d do with it. Then something went boing! And I knew I had to put it in my son’s old room with the new bedding. The coral and pink are exactly what the room needed to pop. I’m thrilled my mom’s picture found a home.

Were you a paint by number fan? Do you dig the mosaic pictures?

Coming soon-Temporarily Insane? Yup, Hattie Cooks is in another hot mess and Allan is tangled up too. It's a Bad Job. Wrong love. And murder. Releases on September 9, but available for preorder at: TWRP

What are you waiting for? LOL


Angela Adams said...

Lovely craft. No, I wasn't a paint by numbers gal, but I did love my coloring books. Looking forward to the release of your new read!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! I didn't have a steady enough hand for paint by numbers. LOL. But was a major coloring gal, too, and still dabble nowadays. Thank you!

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